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ABDL Resources Questionnaire

As we adjust to our new way of life with the pandemic, Little Baby Boo Nursery is returning to our initial vision of providing unique Caregiving experiences and one-on-one services. Our mission has always been to highlight the positive aspects of age-play and age regression, and dispel common myths about the ABDL community.

One of our goals is to be a reliable and trustworthy resource for the community (and the general public). So, we're looking to you to get some recommendations about what we should cover. We’ve created a form where you can leave links to the resources that you use or are familiar with.

The form will cover:

ABDL retail (big name retailers as well as folks on Instagram, Etsy, etc)

ABDL information resources (websites, books, influencers)

Professional ABDL Caregivers (both kink-based and non-kink-based)

ABDL community groups (stable groups [like SOAP & DiaperActive!], conventions/recurring events)

ABDL entertainment (movies, music, sfw sites, nsfw kink sites)

Do-Not-Engage ABDL resources (predatory people, websites, retailers)

Please join us in helping to create a safer and healthier community by sharing your resources.

Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

Little Baby Boo Nursery

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