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Ash's Art: Life in a Jar Ecosystem Pt. 1

ABDL Summer Camp Day 5 - 🦠 Ash’s Art: Life in a Jar Ecosystem, Pt. 1 - #CampBooJar

This activity is a science experiment about life and how life grows on Earth. We'll start the project today and check-in again at the end of Summer Camp!

Supplies needed:

  • 🐌 jar

  • 🐌 water (either from a fish tank or an outdoor source or tank water, you can dig up some dirt and old plants put it in the jar at the bottom, and put water over it/ if you are using tap water make sure you put some type of plant or leaf in). Don't fill all the way up, leave some space.

  • 🐌 decor (maybe a tiny toy or rocks or sea shells).

This is what the jar may look like when it's done. After that you can leave it somewhere and forget about it so it can grow. I recommend a really hot and sunny place or a really dark and cold place to grow. We will revisit them at the last week to see how they have done.

»-(¯`·.·´¯)-> Ash <-(¯`·.·´¯)-«

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