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Best Adult Diaper Rash Cream

We thought it might be helpful to let ya'll know what products we use in the Nursery. Keep in mind that what may work for us, may not work for you. And that's okay! Please listen to your body. If you have any reactions, discontinue using and try something new. :)

We don't get paid for recommending these. We don't have any affiliate links (at this time... mwa ha ha), so this is coming straight from our experience at Little Baby Boo Nursery and use with our littles.

We've tried a lot of the rash creams and many have the same main ingredient (Zinc Oxide), but we've found that Boudreaux's Butt Paste works the best for getting rid of rashes. It also works for after-shave rashes and doesn't have the weird smell that a lot of the other maximum strength diaper creams do.

If you get the tube, be sure to shake and knead the tube before dispensing the cream. Otherwise you're going to get a juicy liquid for a couple of uses, followed by a bunch of dried paste.

Remember to apply your Butt Paste before adding powder. Unless you want to make a behbeh cake (the bottom layer being the behbeh, topped by weird cake-like paddies on top). Also, be sure to wipe your hands with baby wipes before handling the diaper tapes. The residue of the paste and powder can affect the glue on the tape.

Keep in mind that ointments, oils, and pastes like these can cause the ink on the printed diapers to break down a bit. It won't cause you harm, but you may end up with a blue or green leg (tee hee... smurfy behbeh). Also, these products may actually break down some of the glue within the diaper, so take heed. I don't think it'll cause major malfunction, but it's just an FYI. When faced with a painful butt, though... I'd still reach for the Butt Paste than worry about it too much.

Hope this helps!



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