FAQs: In-Person Sessions

The information below pertains to when the Nursery is open.

Is it okay if I bring something to drink or smoke to relax?

All play experiences will be drug and alcohol free. It's important that our play remain consensual and that all parties are sober throughout our fun.

Unfortunately, if we feel that you are under-the-influence when you arrive, we will end the session immediately, your deposit will be forfeit, and you will be banned from playing with us in the future. Thank you for your cooperation.

Talk to other littles who have been to the Nursery via our Discord group. There are also community members who might be able to give you the answers to more general questions you have. While the Caregivers are not always on discord, there is an "Ask Mommy" channel where you may leave questions for the Caregivers to answer. They will either respond directly in the thread or via a video.


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