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ABDL Summer Camp's Closing Ceremonies!


ABDL Summer Camp’s CLOSING CEREMONIES are tomorrow, July 18th at 5:00pm (PST - this is West Coast time). The Caregivers of Little Baby Boo Nursery will be doing our first ever livestream. What could go wrong?

Join us on our YouTube channel and ASK US ALL THE QUESTIONS!!!


We’ll also be announcing the winner of Baby’s Got Talent & doing a live drawing for the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!! Do we know what the grand prize will be? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Heh heh heh.

What do you think the Grand Prize should be? And what questions do you have for us?! Who shot JR?! (You behbehs are FAR TOO YOUNG to get how hilarious that joke is) All this and more... tomorrow, TOMORROW, TOOOOMOOOORRROOOOW!!!!

(we're soooo, sooo excited!)

@msmommyblack @littlescoutsofficial @ducky.scout.9 @mama_buttercup @mid_america_little @zaciroo @+[100035614272543:0] @MommyButtercup @thezaciroo

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