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FAQ of an ABDL Nursery

FAQ of an ABDL Nursery
FAQs of an ABDL Nursery: Ask Mommy with Mommy Black, Vol 1
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I found diapers in my kid's room! What does it mean? What do I do? ABDL FAQs: Parent Edition
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How to Diaper Your Adult Baby: An ABDL Tutorial by Mommy Black
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Littlespace

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These ARE the answers which you seek...

General FAQs

I've always wanted to try this, but I'm afraid. Can I talk to someone about it?​

We absolutely welcome first timers and will be as gentle as a kitten with you. The Little Baby Boo Nursery is a SAFE SPACE, where people can be free to be themselves. We Mommies have the utmost compassion and respect for all people. We always come from a place of love and are willing to talk through any emotions that come up during one of our sessions.


Little Baby Boo Nursery welcomes littles, adult babies, and diaper lovers of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, religions, ethnicities, whomever! We know that sometimes littles' outside packages aren't reflective of their true selves. That's why we have the booking form. We want to make sure we're all on the same page.


If you have any concerns, please schedule a Virtual Session when they're available so we can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

LBBN All Are Welcome Small.jpg
I'm afraid

Are you discreet?

Little Baby Boo Nursery collects private information from you throughout the process and we take that responsibility very seriously. Your privacy and safety are our top concerns.


Billing is under a different name as well, for privacy.


Just as you might fear being judged, so do we. We also believe that discretion is a two-way street and fully expect that all parties respect and honor that belief.


Do you have plans to travel?

Although we won't be traveling during the pandemic, as soon as it's over, we absolutely will be. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletterblog and social media pages for up-to-date information about Little Baby Boo Nursery.

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Is it okay if I'm law enforcement or military?

Absolutely! I think you'd be surprised to learn that a good number of our littles are law enforcement or military. We've found that therapeutic regression works exceptionally well for those suffering from PTSD.

Also, rest assured that your privacy is incredibly important to us. If you have any questions, or would like to talk about a future in-person session, please schedule a Virtual Session when available.

Law Enforcement

Do you accept donations of used adult baby gear?

YEEEEEEES!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! We will gladly accept gently used onesies or clothing of any size.


We know that every once in a while, people feel that they need to purge their stash. Let us be here for you!!! It goes towards supporting our community!!


Booking FAQs

The information below pertains to when the Nursery is open.

What is the booking process like?

  1. Once you've decided that you'd like to visit the Little Baby Boo Nursery, contact us, introduce yourself, and tell us a little about your ideal play date.

  2. You'll be asked to fill out the Little Baby Boo Nursery booking form (currently disabled until we re-open). The form will help us learn even more about you and when you'd like to schedule.

  3. Initiate your deposit to reserve your spot. Until your deposit is made, we cannot guarantee a date or time.

  4. Once we receive your deposit, we will send a confirmation email with a welcome and introductions to your Caregiver(s). Please feel free to ask any and all questions. We are here for you and don't mind answering anything.

  5. At the beginning your session, we'll check your picture ID for age, go over the rules, review your completed form, and confirm final payment.

  6. During our playdate we'll have THE BEST TIME EVER! Yaaay!

Booking Form.jpg

How long of a session should I book?

Of course, that depends on what you'd like to experience. The smallest session at Little Baby Boo Nursery is 2 hours; which gives us just just enough time to get you into littlespace, play for a bit, and bring you out of littlespace. That being said, our typical playdate sessions are 6 hours. Longer sessions enable you to fully explore littlespace, including several changes and time inside of the adult crib.

Session Length
Cuddling Buddies

In- Person Session FAQs

What happens during a session?

Each session at the Little Baby Boo Nursery is tailored to the little with whom we’re playing. We don’t really do “scenes,” nor do we plan too many activities ahead of time before meeting you. We want to make sure our play is fun for both of us, so in addition to basing your session off of your booking form, we’ll communicate with you about your needs when you’re here. We prefer our play to be as organic as possible. 

When you arrive, we’ll initially give hugs and do introductions. We’ll welcome you into the Nursery and do a little Show & Tell. We LOOOOOVE seeing what our little ones have brought. One of the best parts about being a Mommy is getting to see the cute onesies, pacis and stuffies that our babies bring!!! That being said, you don’t have to bring anything when you visit. We have outfits, pacis, a zillion stuffies, and diapers, so all you’ll need is to bring your cute little self!!!

We know that most of our littles are driving from great distances, so we make sure to check to see if you need a change right away. We expect for there to be some wetness, so don’t worry! We’ll also make sure that you’re well-hydrated because we are, after all, in the desert. It’s important that all wee ones remain comfortable throughout their stay with us, so BE SURE to let us know if you need anything right away (food, drink, candy…). Please remember, we are here for you!!! During your time with us, YOU ARE OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!!!

Once you enter our doors, you are free to be who you want!! Ours is a non-judgmental, safe space. We’ve seen it all and WE TRULY LOVE IT ALL!! :D We have all kinds of activities and fun things to do here, so speak up if you see anything you like or want to try. Never be afraid to ask!

Before you book, we suggest that you schedule a Virtual Session to discuss your In-Person session ahead-of-time.

What happen during session

Do you change poopie diapers?

Yes, we do!


Since we truly want you to be able to regress, we do offer that service. Keep in mind, though, that we charge a $50 "solid waste" fee for each diaper change that includes feces. We also reserve the right to NOT engage in diaper changes, in cases of... explosions (if you catch our drift).

Poopie diapers

Can the "Mommies" play as other types of Caregivers?

Absolutely! If you'd rather identify us as nannies, babysitters, or other type of caregiver, let us know! We just have naturally fallen into the title of Mommy because they tend to be the most nurturing of caregivers. :)

Play as other Caregivers

Can I bring a friend?

You are more than welcome to bring an additional ABDL participant. Keep in mind that our prices are per person.


Little Baby Boo Nursery also hosts Littles' Play Parties at least every other month!!! Those are group parties at extremely affordable rates. You can come, meet other littles, eat, dance, sing, and craft! (Littles' Play Parties are on hold while the Nursery is closed)

Bring a friend?

Is it okay if I bring something to drink or smoke to relax?

All play experiences at the Little Baby Boo Nursery will be drug and alcohol free. It's important that our play remain consensual and that all parties are sober throughout our fun.

Unfortunately, if we feel that you are under-the-influence when you arrive, we will end the session immediately, your deposit will be forfeit, and you will be banned from playing with us in the future. Thank you for your cooperation.

Drink or smoke to relax

Is it okay to play as a different gender?

Absolutely! That's one of the things you can let us know on the booking form. We're open to all sexes, gender, non-gender, every kind of person. We're all about love and acceptance. :)

Gender play

Will my sexuality make a difference in our play?

Absolutely not. Little Baby Boo Nursery is all about love and not about sexuality. Everyone, regardless of sexual proclivities, needs and deserves to be loved, hugged, and cared for.


Little Baby Boo Nursery is LGBTQ+ owned, managed, and operated. We support and love all people.

LBBN All Are Welcome Small.jpg

Is it okay if I wear diapers to the Nursery?

Yes! We fully expect for our littles and adult babies to come to their In-Person Session in diapers (they're the cutest!). In fact, all play experiences at Little Baby Boo Nursery have diaper changes included.

It's even okay to come with a wet diaper. We do change diapers with solid waste as well; however, there is an additional $50 solid waste disposal fee per change.

We just ask that the rest of you be clean. Good personal hygiene is important for everyone's comfort. :)

Wearing diapers

What do diaper changes entail? Are they mandatory?

While diaper changes are included at Little Baby Boo Nursery, they are not mandatory. Please let us know your preference on your booking form.

Each diaper change involves cleaning the soiled area*, administration of diaper rash cream (if needed), powder, and a new fresh diaper. There will be no inappropriate touching nor touching with the intent to pleasure sexually.

*Wet diaper changes are included in the packages; however, we request an additional $50 solid waste disposal donation per change that include solids.

Mandatory diaper changes

What happens if I get “excited?"

Listen, we know that sometimes your body’s physical reaction may not necessarily mean that you’re trying to be sexual. We get that. A lot of times, during diaper changes, our adult babies will have erections. That happens with clients of all sexual orientation, so we know that most times it has nothing to do with being inappropriate. We also know that for other folks, diaper changes and other physical activities can simply evoke a mechanical response.

We understand it and we don’t make a big deal out of it. As long as you understand that we will not do anything to purposefully cause an erection, “take care” of it, or engage in any form of sexual gratification at all. Please respect our policy.

Getting excited

I'm worried about sexuality & discipline. Can you tell me more about it?

Littlespace at Little Baby Boo Nursery is a SAFE space and free of sexual inference or innuendo. Unless otherwise requested (and confirmed beforehand), only mild forms of discipline will be used. We believe in positive, supportive reinforcement instead of punishment.

Any concerns you have can be addressed in your booking form. Also, please consider booking a Virtual Session to discuss any questions you have ahead-of-time.

Sexuality & Discipline
The Pout-Pout Fish2.jpg

Virtual Session FAQs

What are the Virtual Sessions like?

All of our Little Baby Boo Nursery Virtual Sessions are through Zoom - a link is sent to you once you book your session. You'll meet Mommy in the virtual room and she'll start with introductions. The Mommies are always excited to meet new littles, so prepare yourself for a lot of fawning. :D

From there, your session will organically move forward as you and your Caregiver get to know one another. Feel free to ask them questions or just let them know how you're feeling. 

About Virtual Sessions

I have something I'd like to try virtually. Are there any hard "No"s?

We haven't had any issues so far. I guess the only hard no would be rudeness? We don't tolerate disrespect and reserve the right to terminate any and all sessions (virtual or in-person) at any time.

Virtual Hard Nos

Can Caregivers, Parents, or Partners schedule virtual sessions?

Yes! Absolutely! Little Baby Boo Nursery welcomes bookings from anyone who has an interest or needs some assistance with their ABDL partner or family member. We're available to engage in an honest discussion about our experiences and provide candid advice about Caregiving, the Ageplay Community, and relationship coping strategies.

Can others book?
FAQs About The Mommies.png

FAQs About The Mommies

Why do the Caregivers do this?

At Little Baby Boo Nursery, we recognize that the AB/DL/little lifestyles are often misunderstood and that there is a need for loving and compassionate Caregivers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Please see the About Us section for more information.

We love to love and hope that we can not just bring happiness to your life, but to also raise awareness about our community.

Why do Mommies do this?
Kindergarten Classroom

General Littlespace FAQs

Coming soon...

Coming soon.

General Littlespace

AB as Kink & Diaper-Lovers


Can I request something a little more... "intimate"?

It really depends on what it is. We are not prostitutes nor are we interested in accepting money in exchange for anything sexual. We want to make this very clear: there will be no touching of the genitals, buttocks, or female breasts with the specific intent to arouse or gratify someone sexually. <- this is illegal in California


Our aim is to help people express a vulnerable side of themselves, or possibly help them heal from a traumatic event. It is not for sexual arousal or release.

Payment Method

Payment FAQs

Pay to Play

What is "Pay to Play?" Can't you just be my Mommy?

"Pay to play" is often a derogatory term used to describe professionals who accept donations, tributes, or payments for their services. It's unfortunate that there's such a stigma attached to being a "professional" service provider.

It is incredibly important that you know that, while we do this to earn a living, it doesn't mean that we see our session as merely transactional. That couldn't be further from the truth! We form attachments with every AB/DL and little we meet. The Mommies at Little Baby Boo Nursery work hard to ensure that you have an amazing experience. It is HARD WORK, but we love it. 

While we wish we could be a Mommy for all of the adult babies and littles out there in this great big world, we simply cannot. Accepting payment enables us to be here for you and the community long-term. Hopefully, having a nursery so open to the public will help to bring forth this lifestyle in a positive light and more Mommies will come out to play!!

Would you be willing to trade or barter for service?

No, we do not accept trades or barters for service at Little Baby Boo Nursery.

Trade or Barter

Will my charge card bill say "Little Baby Boo Nursery?"

No. Your services will be billed under a different, non-descript company name (see image below). 

Ways to pay.png
Credit card

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our preferred payment for In-Person Sessions is through venmo or Zelle (see the email address above).  You may mail cash, cash cards, money orders, etc. to the address listed at the bottom of the page. Please note that we are not responsible for anything sent through the mail, nor will your session be confirmed until payment is received. To pay via credit card, use the DONATE/PAY HERE button on this site.

Forms of Payment
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