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The Naughty List

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"Mommies" who claim to work with us and/or steal our content.

An unforgiveable offense to us is taking advantage of our beloved littles. Please see our post about recognizing ABDL grifters:

Charlatan list:

ABDL Charlatans: Do Not Engage

Below are examples of ABDL grifters who have approached one of our littles or who has posted information that is not theirs.

If you find that someone is using our content or is claiming to be a part of the Nursery, please contact us with screenshots.

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Anyone who uses our content without permission.

We've run into a couple of people who have used content from the Little Baby Boo Nursery website or The Littles' Store.

Content-stealers list:

  • Any retailer that says "Ye be warned." at the end of their product description for Crinklz. There aren't too many folks who can pull of that sass besides Mommy Black.

Folks who claim false charge-backs.

We make very little profit from The Littles' Store. Because we include shipping in the retail price, our earnings are small. So, when we receive a charge-back, it hits us hard.

We understand that mistakes can be made (our business name may not be recognized); however, once we contact a person and they do not correct the error, we are charged an additional fee by our bank. 


So, we want to be very clear: if you purchase an item through us, receive it, and then make a false accusation of fraud, you will be banned from any future purchases at The Littles' Store (either online or in-person), as well as banned from all in-person sessions, virtual sessions, play parties, or future large-scale events that we put together.

We also reserve the right to recoup the amount due, plus fines, in perpetuity.

Charge-back list:

  • Little in San Diego

  • Little in Michigan

Folks who break the Nursery Rules.

A list of Nursery Rules may be found here.

Luckily we've only had to put a couple of folks on time-out and we have very few banned littles. 

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