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Virtual Sessions

Talk to us from anywhere!


The Little Baby Boo Nursery Caregivers are able to be contacted from anywhere in the world, via virtual sessions. 


Due to the pandemic, we're offering more options and more consistent availability. Mommy Boo typically offers sessions on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Once you've booked your initial session, Mommy Boo is able to schedule your future sessions at days and times outside of her typical hours. ​The rest of the crew try to provide virtual sessions around the holidays.

Below, you'll find information about what the virtual sessions are like, what you can talk about, and a little info on each of the Caregivers.


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What can we talk about?

Anything you'd like! We're here for you.

Mommy Boo offers most of the Virtual Sessions and, like our In-Person Sessions, she tries to make each one unique. Of course, they are very different from our In-Person ones (we're not able to cuddle and give out snacks), but the heart-and-soul still remains the same. It's all about love!

The great thing is that, during Virtual Sessions, Mommy Boo has a lot more wiggle room to engage and play differently. Please see her profile below to find out more!

Each Mommy or babysitter has their specialty, so please make sure to choose accordingly. See below for more information about our Caregivers.

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Virtual Mommy Boo

Mommy Boo can't wait to talk to you!!! She loves chatting with little ones about everything under the sun.

She offers unconditional love for littles of every kind and advice for those in need.

You must be 18 years or older to speak with Mommy Boo.

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She knows that littles are diverse and sometimes they like to talk about little-stuff like stuffies, toys, snacks and cutesy things. From sweet cuddles & diaper changes to the biggest, most outrageous adventures, Mommy Boo loves coming up with fantastic stories just for the two of you.


She likes to finish up her sweet sessions by reading a story, so if you have a favorite you'd like her to read, let her know ahead of time.


Mommy Boo knows a lot about trauma-based therapy and coping mechanisms for those with PTSD. Because of her eclectic background, she's able to talk about almost anything and offer great advice.

So, if you're not necessarily up for being little, and just need someone to talk to, Mommy Boo is here for you. 

If you're just interested in the ABDL community or want to discuss what it's all about, she would love to walk you through any questions you have!

She welcomes parents of ABDL teens and partners of ABDL folks to come and talk with her.


While Little Baby Boo Nursery is a non-sexual Nursery (and will remain that way), being virtual has its privileges. One of the reasons that we're so strict about In-Person sessions is because we don't want any boundaries crossed. We also don't want to be arrested. :D

With the advent of COVID, Mommy Boo is exploring new facets of Caregiving from the comfort (and safety) of her home. If you're interested in trying some of her new characters out, please indicate in your booking form "open-minded" and your ideal Caregiver.


Here are some options, just to get the ideas flowing:

  • Sister Mary Margaret Boo (Nun of the Order of the Immaculate Starfish)

  • Strict Teacher, Mrs. Boo

  • Twisted Caregiver, Mumsy Boo, ultra-supportive in helping you reach your goals

  • Strict Caregiver, Mommy Boo Dearest

You MUST indicate that you would like to engage in "open-minded" play before your session. It will help Mommy Boo to get into character (and prevent her psyche from being damaged).

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Virtual Mama Buttercup

Mama Buttercup is our fun mommy! She will respond with praise and lots of love for baby! She’ll help you with diaper changes and chat about bath-time bubbles.


Mama Buttercup only comes out to virtually play during combined sessions around the holidays. She likes to play with the other Mommies.

Mama Buttercup's no-no topics: 

She prefers sweet and age-appropriate talk.


Virtual Ms Mommy Black

Ms Mommy Black is a little different during Virtual Sessions than you might think. With her background in Psychology, she prefers to talk in Adultspace and likes to get into the nuts and bolts of what's going on with her littles.

Mommy Black is very open to discussing issues facing parents of teen ABDLs and adult partners of littles.

She typically offers sessions around holidays.

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Virtual Session Pricing

Virtual Rates for the ABDL Babysitters

After you book your session, your Zoom link will be sent with your confirmation email.

If you have a problem, please contact us and we'll try to sort it out right away.

We can't wait to meet you!

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  • 15 min - $50

  • 30 min - $90

  • 45 min - $130

  • 60 min - $170