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Virtual Sessions

Messaging, audio & video chat are here!


The Little Baby Boo Nursery Caregivers are now offering online booking for virtual sessions.  Text message, call or video chat with a Mommy through Skype today.

Each Mommy or babysitter has their specialty, so please make sure to choose accordingly. See below for more information about our Caregivers.

Mommy Boo

Mommy Boo can't wait to talk to you!!! She loves chatting with little ones about their stuffies, toys, and hearing about their day.

From sweet cuddles & diaper changes to the biggest, most outrageous adventures, Mommy Boo will help you realize your inner-most wishes.


She offers unconditional love and a warm giggles for littles of every kind.

Mama Buttercup

Mama Buttercup is available for Skype messaging conversations, she’s our fun mommy! She will respond with praise and lots of love for baby! She’ll help you with diaper changes and chat about bath-time bubbles.


What are you waiting for?!

Mama Buttercup's no-no topics: 

She prefers sweet and age-appropriate talk.



Lil’ Scout is here for all the fun baby things! They'd love to message, video, or audio chat with you! They love to play, and will make sure you feel oodles and boodles of love through the screen.


Just make sure to always keep your diapie or undies on (if you’re big enough for those!). 

Lil' Scout’s no-no topics: Diaper changes, naughty behavior, sexy talk.

Ms Mommy Black

Ms Mommy Black is now doing Skype video!

While her expertise is sissy babies, diaper-lovers, and discipline, she is a Mommy first and loves to talk about everything under-the-sun with her little ones.

Even if you want to talk about non-ABDL things, she's there for you.

Hard nos: 

Baby talk. She's fine with cutesy stuff, just no "goo-goo, ga-ga."


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