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The ABDL Map

This map is a labor of love, made by Yang Tze. It illustrates the location of different ABDL-owned and supported stores and groups. She has been kind enough to let us publish it here. The original may be found at Please send all accolades and updates to her!

Access the legend on the map by clicking the window with the slide on the upper left.


Legend items:​

  • ABDL-specific Retailers

  • Cons and Major Events

  • Nurseries/Pro Services

  • Manufacturers

  • Medical Supply/Pharmacies

  • Sex Shops

  • Local Meetups, Groups, and Events

  • Bars, Clubs, and Dungeons

theabdlmap banner.png

Caregivers listed on this map are not pre-vetted for safety. If you decide to engage with one of them, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. [Neither Little Baby Boo Nursery, nor] The ABDL Map takes no responsibility for your safety or your satisfaction. However, reports of consent violations will be taken very seriously.

To send a suggestion or report a caregiver consent violation, please send an email to:

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