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ABDL Conventions

Whether you're a newbie or a convention veteran, these Ultimate Guides to ABDL Convention videos will give you new ideas for making the most of an ageplay event.

The Ultimate Guides to Ageplay Conventions

Part One: Preparation and Packing

Join Mommy Black from Little Baby Boo Nursery in this comprehensive guide to preparing for an ABDL convention in three parts.


In Part 1, Mommy Black shares essential tips for packing and comfort, covering everything from cash and cute attire to diaper supplies and TSA advice. She emphasizes the importance of bringing comfort items like stuffies and blankets, as well as practical essentials such as earplugs and hand sanitizer. With insights on coping with post-convention blues and supporting small businesses, this video offers a thorough roadmap for maximizing your convention experience.

Mommy Black's Packing List

ABDL Packing List

This packing list was made by Mommy Black specifically for the ABDL Community to use for preparing to attend a convention. Feel free to print and share!

Download pdf

Part Two: Making the Most of the Event

Mommy Black is back with part two of making the most out of an ABDL convention! 


In this video, she shares valuable tips and tricks for navigating the convention, dealing with anxiety, and making friends within the community. From dressing appropriately outside the convention to attending unique classes and activities, Mommy Black guides you through the experience. 


*Trigger Warning*
Mommy Black goes into detail about what to do if your friend is having an anxiety or panic attack between 08:46 & 13:35. She gives pointers on remaining calm, including “safe in your space” tactics. 

Part Three: Con Drop

Welcome back, behbehs! In this video, Mommy Black shares seven invaluable tips to help you combat the dreaded post-convention blues, specifically tailored for the ABDL community.

From giving yourself time to decompress to staying connected with fellow attendees, Mommy Black covers everything you need to know to ease the transition back to everyday life after the excitement of an ABDL convention.

CAPCon 2023 Recap

Mommy Black recalls the fun events of the carnival-themed ageplay convention. For more information about CAPCon (Chicago Age-Play Convention), visit

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