Summer Camp 2022

(Year 3, Who's Gotta Pee?)

Dates TBA

We're still working on this year's subtitle. Hee hee.

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ABDL Summer Camp is a fun and FREE set of activities that the Caregivers of Little Baby Boo Nursery provide during Summer. The mission and goal of Summer Camp is to encourage creativity and self-acceptance within the ABDL community. We're currently taking suggestions for this year's theme!


This page will be updated throughout the summer so that littles can go at their own pace.

Have fun!!

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Mission & Goals of Summer Camp

To encourage creativity and self-acceptance within the ABDL community.

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General Rules

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  • Must be 18 years of age or older to participate. Those who are underage and attempt to engage, will be banned and subject to incredibly bad karma: including, but not limited to, icky facial skin, smelly breath, one twitchy eye and their favorite stuffie being a gum magnet. Ye be warned.

  • To qualify for prizes, entries must be submitted in the appropriate social media thread.

  • Upon contest entry, consent is given to be republished by Little Baby Boo Nursery & The Littles’ Store (with credit).

  • For Any Challenges

    • Submissions cannot contain images of minors under 18 years of age or people who have not consented to being photographed, videotaped, or their likeness being used.

    • No submissions that contain gratuitous lewd or, really, just uncool stuff (feces, vomit, blood). You guys know what we’re saying.

  • We reserve the right to delete comments that don’t comply with the spirit of Summer Camp. This is a fun, loving event!! Damnit.

  • We reserve the right to amend or edit these rules at any time as we are the Mommies/Caregivers & are the bosses-of-you, for the purposes of this Virtual Summer Camp.

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Coming soon...


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to participate in every challenge?

No! You only do the ones you want!

We know that not every challenge will appeal to every little. That's why we've added so many different kinds of activities. 

We do hope that you TRY some stuff that you normally wouldn't though. :D 

I'm not one for social media. Is there another place I can post my creations?

Yes! We have a Patreon group, where you can post photos discreetly. Patreon members also have access to our exclusive Telegram group, where the Caregivers will be actively engaging with littles during Summer Camp.

Can I join late?

Join, leave, and come back at ANY TIME! 

While there are time limits on when you can submit entries for the prize giveaways, you're always welcome to submit your work!!!

Simply hashtag your responses with the appropriate # and we should be able to find them for ALL ETERNITY!

What if I can't afford the materials?

The only thing that we expect from you is creativity!!

It's no problem if you can't afford some of the materials (we've ALL been there). We want to see how your little problem-solves.

Maybe use found items instead? Or simply draw out your answer? We're super curious to see what you'll come up with.


Is this really FREE?

Yes! It is!

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes you CAN get something for nothing.

We miss you guys and want to take this opportunity to give to our community and spread love and support during this crazy time.

All we ask is that you love yourself and have compassion for you inner little, who may be struggling. 

If we helped you to get into even a teeny bit of littlespace, we'll be happy.

Can I suggest a challenge or activity?

While MOST of Summer Camp has been scheduled, we do have a couple of days where we're looking for something fun that we can all do virtually.

If you have a suggestion, or even another question that's not answered here, please submit it via our contact form.


* All gifts for prize giveaways are for US-based residents only.