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In-Person Sessions

Next available: end of June

In-Person ABDL Sessions

The Little Baby Boo Nursery is for sweet littles and adult babies who need love, nurturing and cuddles by an ABDL Mommy. Once you enter the nursery, all of your worries and stress will melt away! Mommy Black will whisk you off to a land of love and giggles. Regress to a time when your mind was consumed with only fun and activities for tiny munchkins.

LBBN All Are Welcome Small.jpg

We welcome all littles, adult babies, and diaper lovers wanting to participate in the in-person Mommy experiences. At the beginning of your first playdate, Mommy Black will walk you through a small intro & overview to review your booking form and answer any questions you may have.

We know that most of you coming in will be very scared, but DON'T WORRY! We are some of the most loving people you will meet in your life. AND we will take over as soon as you come in, so you adult brain can zone out. :D


The following sections will tell you a little more about what our sessions are like, but be sure to read the FAQ section if you have any questions that haven't been answered.

There are so many things to do for littles and adult nappie-lovers at the Little Baby Boo Nursery!

About ABDL Sessions
We think littles and abdls are the bees knees!

About In-Person Playdates

Each of our sessions is ALL-INCLUSIVE. Longer sessions may involve two Caregivers, working together, during the session.


We are a boutique Nursery, focused on healing,  relaxation, and love. Many of our littles come from abusive backgrounds, so we're vigilant about keeping appropriate boundaries. We focus on providing positive reinforcement rather than punishment and emphasize open lines of communication throughout your visit.

We are not like other "professionals." We are incredibly active in the ABDL community and are dedicated to long-term mental health and safety for our little ones. We have cared for hundreds of littles and security is of paramount importance (whether it be mental, physical, and/or data).

Caregiving can be complex. Sometimes certain activities can trigger littles in very emotional ways. We at Little Baby Boo Nursery are experienced at delicately handling these volatile responses in loving and appropriate ways. So, there's no need to worry about your emotional safety.

If, at any time during your session, you need to just talk, cry, or be held, we'll be there for you.

All littles & Adult Babies have fun at the Little Baby Boo Nursery!
We think littles and abdls are the bees knees!
Cupcakes for the Littles Play Party_edit

Additional Needs

While your session in all-inclusive, please feel free to bring your own materials and/or food and drinks, if you have any allergies or special requirements. Your Caregiver will incorporate them into play-time as needed.​


We also provide special services, like themed birthday parties, for an additional fee (to purchase additional, necessary supplies).

Adult nappies with solid waste** are okay; however, we do charge an additional $100 solid waste disposal fee per change.


**Explosions, however are not included ಠ_ಠ. We reserve the right to refuse service.

Adventures for Adult Babies, Littles, and Diaper Lovers

Introduction & Overview

Before participating in any Little Baby Boo Nursery in-person playdate experience, we will go over expectations, allergies, preferences, and fit.

While we can't wait to meet the little you, it is important that initial conversations, such as booking and the first few minutes of our sessions, are held between consenting adults. We want to make sure that any agreements we make are between adults of sound mind. We will be checking IDs to make sure you're 18 years old and older.

We reserve the right to refuse service if we feel that it is not a good fit. If, for whatever reason, this happens, your deposit will be refunded. 

Little Baby Boo Nursery Adult Crib.jpg

Each of our in-person sessions is all-inclusive.

AB/DL Playdate Activities

All of the activities listed below are available during your little, adult baby, or diaper-lover's playdate session. All experiences include love, affection, adoration, and especially aftercare!

Arts & Crafts for littles & Adult Babies
Arts & Crafts


Finger painting, coloring, playing with clay, paper crafts for littles & ab/dls... oh the things we'll make!!

Naptime for littles & Adult Babies


Feeling sleepy? Let your mommy tuck you in, read you a story, and rock you gently for sweet dreams.

Diaper Changes for littles & Adult Babies
Diaper Changes*

Adult babies have messy accidents, so it's up to mommy to help clean up bottoms, powder & pamper with a fresh diaper.


Bathtime fun for littles & Adult Babies


Rubber duckies, shampoo mohawks, toys, SO MANY BUBBLES, warm towel drying, powder, & a fresh adult baby diaper.

Outside play for littles & Adult Babies
Outside Play


Feeling adventurous & want to go for a walk? Make sure you hold mommy's hand! Mommy always keeps her littles and abdls safe!

Littles & Adult Babies can watch tv and movies with us!
Watch TV or Movie

Have a favorite cartoon or movie that you love to watch? Mommy can serve a snack or sit alongside her little one, cuddle, and watch it with you.


Littles & Adult Babies can play dress-up at the Little Baby Boo Nursery!

Let mommy brush your hair, draw kitty whiskers on your little face, or change you into a new adult onesie or fancy outfit.

We like to play with littles & Adult Babies
What Else?

Is there something else you've been thinking about doing as a little, adult baby, or diaper lover? Let your mommy know!


Yummy snacks for littles & Adult Babies
Nom Nom Yummies


Mini sandwiches, tiny hot dogs, animal crackers, baby carrots... All snacks in appropriate sizes for littles and ab/dl sweeties.

Bottles & sippy cups for littles & Adult Babies
Bottles & Sippy Cups

Tell mommy how you want your bottle or juice drink. She'll gladly rock you in her warm, soft arms as you suckle into bliss.


Singing & Storytime for littles & Adult Babies


Suck on your paci and let mommy comfort you as she sings a lovely lullaby. Or she can read you one of your favorite stories.

Games, puzzles, & toys for littles & Adult Babies

Wanna play a game? Board games, Lego, puzzles, anything your little abdl heart desires!


Session Packages

If you would like to know more about In-Person Sessions, please book a Virtual Session with Mommy Black. She'll be happy to go over a typical session and discuss with you ideas she has for yours!

Session Prices

Extended Stay Rates

We do not offer longer visits. Rates are dependent upon additional services (birthday parties, amusement park entry fees, specialty foods). Please request additional services when you're booking your session.

Mother and Little with Toys.png

"Visit with
Mommy Black"

2 Hours


Just need a taste of what Mommy Black has to offer? Our "Visit" package might be perfect for you.

Mother holding little up.png

"Mommy Black

4 Hours


With our "Daycare" package, you'll have a little more time to relax and play.

Mother holding little.png

"Afternoon with
Mommy Black"

6 Hours


"Afternoon with Mommy Black" gives our little ones ample opportunity to relax freely in littlespace.

Mother singing to little.png

Sleepover Slumber Party
with Mommy Black


16 Hours


Black putting bebbeh to sleep.png

A Little Weekend Getaway​
with Mommy Black

Friday, 6pm - Sunday, 11am

41 Hours

(this doesn't necessarily need to be booked on a weekend)



A Message About Illnesses

Hey listen... I know that COVID is sorta a thing that we live with right now, but I've got a couple of auto-immune disorders that put me at greater risk. At this point, 99% of us have had COVID, so I'm not requiring the vaccine anymore.

That being said, I will be masked and will test you for COVID AND Influenza as soon as you enter the Nursery. If you present as positive, you forfeit any money paid and will need to leave immediately. It is up to you to make sure that you are not ill before coming to the Nursery. I will ABSOLUTELY be willing to reschedule with you if you are ill, just let me know ASAP. We're in this together, behbehs.

xoxo, Mommy Black

Mommy Black peeking over crib.png

Ready to Book?

We're excited to see you! In order to book an in-person session, you must be vetted first, which means that we've had to have met you already. That can be from a previous virtual session, in-person session, or at an in-person event.


If we haven't yet had the pleasure, no worries! Just book a Virtual Session to receive the the booking packet (booking questionnaire, instructions, and directions to the Nursery) and we'll be ready to go!

Color Stain

The Rules

Swimming Astronaut

Little Baby Boo Nursery Rules of Engagement


There are NO do-overs for overstepping hard boundaries.

You will be banned from the Nursery and from further communication. 


No inappropriate touching!

Cuddles are okay, but grabbing or groping your mommy will end your playdate and bar you from playing with us in the future. 

No sexual interaction.

While there may be physical interaction during the playdate, for instance during bath time or diaper changes, the Mommies aren't touching with the specific intent to arouse or gratify sexually. Please don't ask that they do, either.

No drugs/alcohol/smoking.

We know that you're going to be a little nervous, coming in to play, but please don't imbibe in illicit drugs or visit while intoxicated. It's just rude. And smoking is smelly. We've got too many precious stuffies who don't need black lung.

Prescription medication is absolutely okay. While marijuana is legal in California, we ask that you don't smoke it before coming in (it's stiiinky!). For overnight stays, we understand that some folks need to use it as a sleeping or anti-anxiety aid; we just request that you come prepared with gummies (which goes along with the theme anyway! Yay!).

Arrive at your playdate on time.

Do not arrive too early or too late. We do not answer the door until your appointment time (there's a lot of prep work involved). If you are over 15 min late you forfeit both your deposit and the rest of your session time. If you message us en route to let us know that you're running late we may be able to make an exception; please note that your appointment end-time will remain the same.


We understand that sometimes emergencies occur. Should you need to postpone your session*, please contact us at least 72 hours before your playtime. We can forward your deposit towards another session in the future. Should this happen a second time, we will see it as a forfeiture of your deposit and you will be unable to book with us again.

If you do not call or show up for an appointment, you will forfeit your deposit and be banned from playing with us in the future. Our time is valuable, please respect it

*UNLESS YOUR SESSION IS WITH MOMMY BLACK. Barring an act of divine intervention, it is a use-it or lose-it situation. Mommy Black does not postpone sessions (unless she is ill).

Cleanliness is next to Momminess.

For the love of all things good and holy, take a shower the day you're coming to see us. Soiled nappies are one thing, stinky pits and breath are another, entirely different and unnecessary thing. Wear deodorant and brush your teeth, chew gum, or have a breath mint before you come in. Please don't make the Mommies try to suffer through your dirty clothes, either. Because we won't. 

The cleaner you smell, the more we'll want to cuddle. :)

Be open and communicative with us.

We take great care in our roles so as not to emotionally scar any person engaging in play with us. While playdates can be intimidating and may push consensual boundaries, all acts committed by the Mommies come from a place of love. If we do or say anything that you don't like, please, please, please talk to us and tell us how you're feeling.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them when you are booking your session or even during your session. You will never be chastised for utilizing your safe word while inside of the Little Baby Boo Nursery world.

We think littles and abdls are the bees knees!


A deposit of 50% of the package is required at booking. Your session is not confirmed until we have received your deposit. The remaining 50% will be due at least 24 hours of the start of your appointment (which means, the day before your session). If the remaining amount is not paid, your appointment will be cancelled and your deposit forfeited. There are very few exceptions to this - mainly due to acts of gahd or imprisonment.

Forms of Payment

We do not accept cash, nor do we accept bitcoin. We are able to accept all other forms of payment because the age regression therapy that we do is strictly non-sexual. So please keep all memo comments vanilla.

Forms of Payment.png

To pay using a credit card, you can use the PayPal app:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Diaper lovers can LEAF a message.
We think abdls are as cute as ladybugs!

Credit card statements will show your payment as being made to Libben LLC.

Discretion for Diaper Lovers is #1
ABDL Mommy


Our Mommy Experience is like none other. Find our more about why our caregivers are different. 

Toys and Games for Adult Diaper Lovers
Coloring Pages


If you're looking for some fun crafts for littlespace, we have an assortment of coloring pages for you to download and enjoy.

Little Snacks for Adult Babie
ABDL Videos


We have a wide range of videos for you to enjoy! From informational on the ABDL community to littlespace crafting.

Aftercare for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers
Virtual Play Dates


Unable to make it into the Nursery? Chat with us from anywhere in the world!

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