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The Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Suncatcher made during Mommys' Makerspace
Rainbow Suncatchers at Mommys' Makerspace

Mommys’ Makerspace

Did you know that ever 2nd Saturday of the month we participate in West Coast Jungle Gym’s Jungle Jam? Our segment is called Mommys’ Makerspace. It’s a time where you can come and let yourself go while you craft in littlespace. Jungle Jam is a FREE event and open to all ageplayers. Find out more about it here.

April’s craft will be Rainbow Suncatchers! All you’ll need are:

  • Empty plastic container or sheet

  • White (or clear) glue

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Sharpies (or acrylic paint) in a rainbow of colors

It’s a super easy craft. If you’d like to get started, you can create your suncatcher outline ahead of time. We’re following the path laid out in this awesome crafting blog entry.

Why Rainbows?

We’ve all been going through a lot this past year, but it seems like we’re nearing the end of an incredibly gloomy time. We have to remember, little ones, that the darker the storm, the brighter the rainbow! We’re in for some beautiful ones, right?

If the rainbows haven’t started popping up for you, it’s up to you to make your own! We are responsible for our own happiness and these little rainbow suncatchers a great place to start…

Rainbow Coloring Page from Little Baby Boo Nursery

But I’m Shy…

It’s absolutely okay not to participate in the actual craft! Feel free to come and watch or you can do whatever craft you’d like alongside us. Coloring is also a fantastic and relaxing activity to do during craft and storytime as well. In fact, we’ve created a coloring page just for you!

Remember to RSVP

In order to join us for Jungle Jam, you must RSVP via the West Coast Jungle Gym website: If you’ve RSVP’d for Jungle Jam or Jungle Academy in the past, you don’t need to register again.

See you at the Jam!

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