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Donations & Support

Other than adult-sized Nursery furniture, we are not accepting physical items for the Nursery at this time. But thank you for thinking of us.

Hanging Hearts

Monetary Donations

A message from Mommy Black

Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated. The majority of what we do for the ABDL Community is for $free.99 because we genuinely love helping little ones.  Creating videos and filling this website with useful information brings us joy; however, there are a lot of expenses that come along with what we do.


Unlike a lot of the other professional caregivers out there, we have an LLC and actually pay taxes on everything we collect. We try to run this business legitimately because we know how important age regression therapy is for a lot of folks out there and we want to continue educating people on what the ABDL lifestyle is really all about. And while session prices may seem steep, the truth is, we're able to only offer a cluster of them once or twice a year.

With that all said, we are so thankful when we receive donations (big and smol) from y'all. Not only does it help to keep us running, it makes us feel appreciated and know we really are making a difference. So, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your donation.

Ways to Donate

While we graciously accept credit card donations, if you can pay with a cash transfer program like Zelle, Cash App, or even send us money "as a friend" through PayPal, it would be greatly appreciated. We also accept gift cards through... well, anywhere!

You can transfer money via Zelle, Cash App, or PayPal “as a friend” to the email address:

Donation Apps (3).png

We get it, sometimes you need to use your credit card, and that's okay! You can use this payment link:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

FYI: credit card statements will show your payment as being made to Libben LLC.

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