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Testimonials for Little Baby Boo Nursery

You love us!

We Mommies of the Little Baby Boo Nursery love what we do, but it's always nice hearing that our little ones are having as much fun as we are. We've received nothing but positive reviews and we are over the moon! Wow!

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Little Baby Boo Nursery

Reviews for the Little Baby Boo Nursery - a sweet and nurturing littlespace for adult wee ones to play and grow!

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Virtual Play Dates

Reviews for our Video Play Dates - we offer audio and video play dates for little ones who can't come to the nursery.

Little Baby Boo Nursery Testimonials

Review for LBBN


I don’t know how the universe brought these three together. If you are a baby looking for cuddles, affectionate hugs and loving, that would be Mommy Boo. If you’re a little looking for crafts, arts, coloring, cuddling, story time, and movies that would be Mommy Buttercup. And you are out of control and out of place, well that’s Mommy Black. All I can say is if you were lucky enough to get chosen by any one of these mommies consider yourself lucky. They are beautiful and amazing mommies.

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@MamaButterCup. Awww Blushing you're welcome. Thank you soo very much to you @MommyBoo and @MsMommyBlack. You were all soo very sweet to me. I can't even express how happy I am. Big Big Hugs. I look forward to see you all again soon. Big Big Hugs and Snuggles.

LBBN Testimonials
Review from little N.


I am someone who has been involved in the community for a majority of my life. Though it has always been in an online presence. I have been debated going out to farther places that  have nursery for a long time, so I was over the moon thrilled to find out that there was a group of Mommies so close to my home. 


Since this was my first time doing anything remotely related to this, I was extremely nervous. The Mommies were gracious enough to meet up with me beforehand to help get rid of my fear. The moment I met them my anxiety melted away. The three of them are the friendliest people you have ever met. Before even speaking a word to me Mommy Black wrapped me in a big hug and told me how excited it was to meet me. The three of them were extremely attentive asking me questions to not only get to know my little side, but who I was as a person. I ended up scheduling a three hour session with the three of them cuz they were all so wonderful I could not just pick one.


I left the meeting comfortable and excited about our playdate.


The house is nice and discreet, and in a comfortable area. I did not feel self conscious coming to and from the session. 


The three of them have such a great ability to get you into little space right away. They asked me a few questions about things I want in the session and than we were on our way.


We colored and drew pictures, and Mamma Buttercup and Mommy Boo made sure to heap on the praise and let me know how good of a job I was doing. When we were done with our art projects they had me sign the picture I drew and put it up on their fridge. Something small that instantly put me in little space. 


After that Mamma Butter Cup and Mommy Boo cuddled with me in front of the tv. This was by far my favorite thing they offered. Mommy Boo calmly talked through how restorative doing this is for your soul and I really felt every stress I had melt away when we were together. I even started to drift to sleep at one point. Something I rarely do in public.


Mamma Buttercup than gave me a bath, which even though my large size made it difficult to be really comfortable in a tub, was still one of the most relaxing and little things I have ever felt in a long time. She read me a story and I could really feel myself slipping into little space.


After they changed me into a new diaper we cuddled on the couch and played and read stories together. This was the point that I really felt I was pushed into littlespace. Before that as much as I was willing to embrace the little side of me, there was that adult part who was still nervous and refused to go hide. During the story I truly felt like I was little something I did not think was possible for me. 


They spent a lot of time with after care, helping me readjust and get back into a big head space. I left my session feeling better than I have in ages, and eagerly excited to plan my next session with them again. All three of them are wonderful and any little would be lucky to call them Mommy. If you are someone who has been on the fence about trying something like this, are nervous about trying something like this out, or just want to find someone to treat you like the baby you are. Little Baby Boo Nursery is it.

Virtual Nursery Testimonials



"Just had mine with @MamaButtercup and @MsMommyBlack! It was simply amazing! It takes seconds to truly feel welcomed and cared for! I got to see all the wonderful stuffies they have and got a private virtual tour of the Nursery! It was short and sweet but truly worth it! The only thing stopping me from visiting it is being far far away! So if you have a chance to go, don’t miss that chance!


MsMommyBlack’s laugh is so contagious! Both of them are so sweet just as caring mommies should be! Thank you to have organized this and given me this unique opportunity which I am truly thankful for! I really hope to meet you three in person! I truly do! Big big hug!"

Drawing from Munchkin


It was sooo very amazing and fun. They make you feel so welcome and loved it the best feeling in the whole world. Yes the session was only 5 mins but well worth it and I for sure will be booking future sessions. Speaking from personal experience I have had a playdate with all three mommies including @Mommyboo. I can truly say that the Little Baby Boo Nursery is the greatest thing ever.

The amount of love and caring affection that all these mommies showed me is one of the most amazing things in the world and I wil always treasure it. I Highly Highly recommend if you're a Little who wants the Full Adult Baby/Little Experience then the Little Baby Boo Nursery is where you want to go.

Virtual Testimonials
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