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In-Person Session FAQs

What happens during a session?

Each session at the Little Baby Boo Nursery is tailored to the little with whom we’re playing. We don’t really do “scenes,” nor do we plan too many activities ahead of time before meeting you. We want to make sure our play is fun for both of us, so in addition to basing your session off of your booking form, we’ll communicate with you about your needs when you’re here. We prefer our play to be as organic as possible. 

When you arrive, we’ll initially give hugs and do introductions. We’ll welcome you into the Nursery and do a little Show & Tell. We LOOOOOVE seeing what our little ones have brought. One of the best parts about being a Mommy is getting to see the cute onesies, pacis and stuffies that our babies bring!!! That being said, you don’t have to bring anything when you visit. We have outfits, pacis, a zillion stuffies, and diapers, so all you’ll need is to bring your cute little self!!!

We know that most of our littles are driving from great distances, so we make sure to check to see if you need a change right away. We expect for there to be some wetness, so don’t worry! We’ll also make sure that you’re well-hydrated because we are, after all, in the desert. It’s important that all wee ones remain comfortable throughout their stay with us, so BE SURE to let us know if you need anything right away (food, drink, candy…). Please remember, we are here for you!!! During your time with us, YOU ARE OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!!!

Once you enter our doors, you are free to be who you want!! Ours is a non-judgmental, safe space. We’ve seen it all and WE TRULY LOVE IT ALL!! :D We have all kinds of activities and fun things to do here, so speak up if you see anything you like or want to try. Never be afraid to ask!

Before you book, we suggest that you schedule a Virtual Session to discuss your In-Person session ahead-of-time.

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