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Booking FAQs

What is the booking process like?

Once you've decided that you'd like to visit the Little Baby Boo Nursery, contact us, introduce yourself, and tell us a little about your ideal play date.

  1. You'll be asked to fill out the Little Baby Boo Nursery booking form (currently disabled until we re-open). The form will help us learn even more about you and when you'd like to schedule.

  2. Initiate your deposit to reserve your spot. Until your deposit is made, we cannot guarantee a date or time.

  3. Once we receive your deposit, we will send a confirmation email with a welcome and introductions to your Caregiver(s). Please feel free to ask any and all questions. We are here for you and don't mind answering anything.

  4. At the beginning your session, we'll check your picture ID for age, go over the rules, review your completed form, and confirm final payment.

  5. During our playdate we'll have THE BEST TIME EVER! Yaaay!

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