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Payment FAQs

What is "Pay to Play?" Can't you just be my Mommy?

"Pay to play" is often a derogatory term used to describe professionals who accept donations, tributes, or payments for their services. It's unfortunate that there's such a stigma attached to being a "professional" service provider.

It is incredibly important that you know that, while we do this to earn a living, it doesn't mean that we see our session as merely transactional. That couldn't be further from the truth! We form attachments with every AB/DL and little we meet. The Mommies at Little Baby Boo Nursery work hard to ensure that you have an amazing experience. It is HARD WORK, but we love it. 

While we wish we could be a Mommy for all of the adult babies and littles out there in this great big world, we simply cannot. Accepting payment enables us to be here for you and the community long-term. Hopefully, having a nursery so open to the public will help to bring forth this lifestyle in a positive light and more Mommies will come out to play!!

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