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HaBOOween Playlist!

This channel is coming soon!
Halloween Macaroons

Habooween spooktaculaaaar!

Halloween is our FAVORITE time of the year!! While typically we'd be hosting our annual HaBOOween Littles' Party, this year we have to limit our festivities to online.

Be sure to join all of our social media groups so that you can catch all of the cool things we're doing this month!

costume contest

Littles costume entries are due by October 24th at noon PST (Pacific Standard Time). All you have to do to enter is hashtag your post #HaBOOweeenCC (CC is for costume contest)!!


Points will be earned by:

  1. Costume is DIY 🧵

  2. Creativity 🎨

  3. Presentation 📷


🧸 Bonus points if you take a photo with your stuffy in a matching or complementary outfit!!


The Caregivers will choose their favorite 3 and we'll give everyone the opportunity to pick their favorite! 🏆 The winner will receive a packet of goodies from Little Baby Boo Nursery & The Littles' Store. 🍬🍭🍫


Good luck, little ones!!!

costume party

This year, we'll be hosting our costume party on Skype! Members of our Patreon group will have special access to our wee party. Join in the fun

Date: October 24th

Time: 3pm PST (Pacific Coast Time)

Patreon Costume Party.png
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