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Little Dream Board

Your Little Dream Board

Create your ideal little life

This week for the Littles' Wellness Challenge, we'll be starting our Little Dream Boards.

What is a Dream Board?

The Little Dream Board that we want you to create is a bit different than your typical "Vision Board." A vision board is a space where you can put together ideas for what you want for your Big life in the future. The Little Dream Board is a collage that we want you to make, exclusively for your little-self (or Caregiver-self).

There are no limits for your Little Dream Board!! We want you to use your imagination and think outside of the box. And it can be made using all sorts of supplies: draw on a piece of paper, cut and paste magazine images to a poster board, start a littles' binder... whatever feels right to you!

What is Pinterest?

We're going to be using our Pinterest boards! Have you ever used Pinterest? It's a super cool platform that you can use to virtually "pin" any image you find on the interwebs. It's a great way to create project boards for every aspect of your life. We haven't added too much to our boards, but we're planning to use it a lot more because it's a great way to share images.

Little Baby Boo Nursery Dream Boards

This is what our Littles' Challenge Board looks like. Under the main board, you'll find several smaller boards (or visual folders), that will house our individual Dream Boards. They're each filled with random things we like in our Mommy-space. Take a look!

There is NO WRONG WAY to create a Little Dream Board!!! We can't reiterate this enough. This is YOUR little board. It's meant to make you happy and to provide comfort to you when you need it.

It's also meant to be added to! That's why we love Pinterest, because you can organize images into different folders and easily find other related ideas. You can also add any image that you find online to your Pinterest boards.

We want to see what yours looks like (if you're comfortable with sharing it). We have a dedicated Wellness Challenge thread on our Discord; you can share a link or image with us there. Or you can post it to your social media account with the hashtag #abdlwellness.

Sending light and love!!

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