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Virtual Playground

We're transitioning from the cumbersome Patreon/Discord combo to a more streamlined website (this one) that has ALL-THE-THINGS. If all goes well, we'll be able to have community groups as well as retail and session sales all in one place.

Cross your fingers, behbehs... our goal is to have this in place by June 1st!!

*{soft sobbing from the corner}*

The community rules below will stay the same...

The Rules

Be kind.

The rules and regulations of the virtual playroom are similar to those of the Littles' Play Parties. Our littles come from various backgrounds and circumstances. Many have been reared in abusive households or are healing from PTSD. It is incredibly important that we all engage in behavior that is respectful and loving.

That being said, we understand that, in littlespace, folks can get a wee bratty. We get that, and a certain amount of sassiness is okay. But, little ones, this world is mean enough as it is; we want this board to be a safespace for people to be able to relax and be little. So, it's imperative that we do our best to come from a loving place, when interacting with other littles on the boards.

We also want to remind everyone that the Little Baby Boo Virtual Playroom is a bit different than other message boards online. Our goal is that you all will one day meet each other! Whether it be at the Nursery, at an ABDL Convention, or on a special outing, we want to foster long-term relationships amongst all of us!

Rated G.

While you may be okay with using potty-language as a little, the Nursery policy is similar to those of a real Nursery. It is not appropriate for toddlers to curse like baby sailors. ಠ_ಠ


Please remember that there are some littles on the boards who may be triggered by things that you may see as just sassy fun.


Please do not:

  • cuss

  • use overtly sexualized language

  • feign hostile arguments

  • “throw” hard objects virtually at one another

Safe words.

Safe words are used in the context of play to express issues with boundaries when typical language might not work. For instance, you, as a little, are playing with someone and that person says or does something that makes you uncomfortable (for whatever reason). When you're in littlespace, you may not have the full capacity to express yourself, but using these "code words" can easily convey your feelings to your play partner.


  • Say YELLOW if you feel uncomfortable in any way.

  • Say RED if something has crossed the line for you. If RED is called, it's important to calmly, and without judgement, ramp down the play and enter into a healing and loving aftercare environment. 


If you are the one who has triggered another person, on accident, try not to get defensive. It's hard learning that you've unintentionally hurt someone, but recognize that the reason that the person is being triggered has to do with their past, not with you. Try to come from a place of love an compassion and give them a little space to recover.

Respect other peoples' boundaries.


Do NOT contact, either on this board or irl, another member without their express permission.


Discretion is one of our top concerns. You do NOT have permission to copy any info (including photos) to share or publish elsewhere. If you do this, you are in breach of contract and you will be banned from all activities held by Little Baby Boo Nursery & The Littles’ Store. We will also sue your butt, pull out your nose hair, and make your life a living hell.

Be aware, too, that there may be members of our boards that are either well-known to the public or to our community. When they're in the Playroom, they're just another little. Please do not ask other littles about their adult jobs unless they bring it up first.

We want everyone who participates on the boards to be able to express their littleselves freely and safely. Please respect everyone's privacy. In fact, you could be instrumental in helping that person to heal from a harmful past, just by allowing them to forget the pressures that come along with their Big persona.


Be cool.



  • post crotch-shots (with or without a diaper)

  • spam us with photos of yourself, your furbehbehs, your food, your new clothes, really... anything. A few pictures are okay, but if you have a lot (like from a vacation), just link to a photo gallery hosted elsewhere.

  • bully or trash talk yourself or others

  • sell your wares or services (especially to adult fan sites)

  • try to pick-up on other littles. Seriously. We can't stress this enough. The Nursery is not a place for personals nor sexual harassment. There are so many places on the interwebs where you can engage in sexually gratifying conversation. The Little Baby Boo Nursery is not one of those.



Violation of the rules will lead to time-outs from the board, followed by bans. We don’t want to ban you, but we will for the safety of the other participants.


These rules are not finite. We reserve the right to change or update them as needed. You are responsible for knowing them and, by using our forums, are consenting to them.

The Rules
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