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Little Baby Boo Littlespace Caregivers

Things you should know

Our babysitters can't wait to play with their sweet littles and adult babies!! While they go by "Mommy," they are free to babysit littles and ABDLs as their next-door neighbor, nanny, aunt, whomever. But before they can, it's important to go over a few ground rules.

No inappropriate touching!

Cuddles are okay, but grabbing or groping your sitter will end your playdate and bar you from playing with us in the future. 

No sexual interaction.

While there may be physical interaction during the playdate, for instance during bath time or diaper changes, the caregivers aren't touching with the specific intent to arouse or gratify sexually. Please don't ask that they do, either.

We will do our best to respect your boundaries, so please respect ours in return. Check out our Rules and FAQ sections for more detail and answers to your questions.

Your ABDL Babysitters

Mommy Boo loves littles and diaper-lovers!

Mommy Boo


Hugs, cuddles, can care for all types of wee ones.


Will babysit littles, adult babies, & diaper lovers.

Mommy Buttercup wants to play!

Mama Buttercup


Arts & crafts, storytime, games, bath time mohawks.


Will play with littles, adult babies, & diaper lovers.

Merit Badges

Lil' Scout


Super helpful big sibling. Leader of the Little Scouts Troop.


Only helps alongside the other Mommies.


Mommy Boo

Mommy Boo's specialty is love and cuddles!! Her favorites are diaper-wearing littles of all shapes, sizes, and colors. She can't wait to fuss and fret over every little thing you do.

A message from Mommy Boo:

Hello, my darling little sweets! I’ve missed you and your comfy cuddles. I’ve got your soft and fluffy gear all ready for playtime. Your teddies and stuffies are lined up on your blankies, ready for you to tumble into. Your cartoons are queued up on the t.v., with your coloring pages, video games, Lego, bubbles, and other toys nearby for you to play with. I’ve got your favorite snacks cut up into tiny pieces and special sippy cup ready for num-num time. And when you get sleepy and need your wittle nap, your paci and my warm arms will be there to lull you to sleep.

Let Mommy Boo love and care for you in a safe space. With me, you can be yourself - the only thing Mommy wants, is for you to be ready to be adored and showered with affection!! I know you’re very small and may not be able to tell me all of your needs. But don’t worry! Mommy’s here to listen and we’ll work together to get you to open up your true self. I want to know about your day, your favorite stuffy, everything. We’ll close our eyes together, lying lazily in Mommy’s big, comfy crib, and I’ll sing to you your favorite song.

Mommy knows, too, that sometimes you may need some down time when you get a little cranky. Mommy knows that littles NEVER need harsh punishments! Love and affection go much further.

When you’re ready to wake from our dream-like play, Mommy will comfort you with aftercare. I will help revive and ready you for whatever you need to take on your beautiful world!

Mama Buttercup

Mama Buttercup is super duper playful and is over-the moon at the idea of laughing and playing with her sweet, sweet littles, adult babies and diaper lovers.

Board games are her favorite but she also has tons of ideas for those who are smaller and aren't yet ready for big kid games. Mama Buttercup loves, loves, loves arts and crafts! Whether it be coloring, making bracelets, finger-painting, or clay hand prints, she tries to make sure each little one or adult baby takes home a special trinket to treasure!


Her favorite, though, is bath time fun: rubber duckies, playful splashes, stories, and so many bubbles! Mama Buttercup can't wait to meet and play with you!


Lil' Scout

Lil' Scout is our newest member of our Caregiver group! She's a middle and is always willing to help the Mommies with babysitting of adorable littles and adult babies. Scout loves to play games, read stories and sing to wee ones. 

Coming Soon: The LBBN Little Scout Troop!

Lil' Scout will be leading the new Little Baby Boo Little Scout Troop!!! More information will be announced soon... stay tuned...