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Littles' Mad Hatter Tea Party


Little Baby Boo


Let us pamper you!

The Little Baby Boo Nursery is a safe space for littles, adult babies, and diaper lovers to frolic and play. Enter a world of nappies, binkies, soft plushies, warm cuddles, fluffy blankets, and love, love, love!

Nestled in the desert of Los Angeles County, Little Baby Boo Nursery offers AB/DL babysitting services in a cozy, relaxed home setting. Our Caregivers love cuddly babies and can't wait to make you nom nom snacks, sippy cup juices, milk bottles, and give you lots and lots of snuggles. For those who make a mess, our ABDL Mommies will pamper you with a thorough cleaning, warm lotion, soothing powder, and a clean diaper.

We welcome adult babies, adult diaper lovers, and littles to the Little Baby Boo Nursery age-play experience.* Adult Baby caregiving at its best! Learn more about:


Disclaimer: This site is for novelty use only and is meant for adults over the age of 18. Any reference to babies, littles, or diapers is expressly within the context of role-play between consenting adults. We do not, in any way, condone involvement of minors in any related activity.


Discretion is #1.

We provide a safe & nurturing space for you to be your true self...

Toys & Games

Play in littlespace, surrounded by stuffies, arts & crafts, blocks, bubbles, and more... 

Snacks & Sippies

Tiny bite-sized snacks and flavorful juices in the sippy cup or bottle of your choice...


Emotional support in a warm & cozy setting to prepare you for the big outside world... 


At Little Baby Boo Nursery, there are many different options for littles, adult babies, diaper lovers, and everything in between! We provide adult babysitting services and play dates in our nursery or virtually via telephone, messaging, or video chat.

Little Baby Boo Nursery Play

The Little Baby Boo Nursery is for sweet littles and adult babies who need love, nurturing and cuddles by an ABDL Mommy. Once you enter the nursery, all of your worries and stress will melt away! Mommy Boo, Mama Buttercup, & Lil' Scout will whisk you off to a land of love and giggles. Regress to a time when your mind was consumed with only fun and activities for tiny munchkins.  

Schedule an In-Person Play Date

Virtual Play

Live far away, too shy, or simply much too tiny to visit in person? Don't worry, little bug, our Caregivers are available over your phone or computer!

Schedule a Virtual Play Date


How do I decide?







Little Baby Boo for Adult Babies, Littles, and Diaper Lovers

Adult babies, littles, and diaper lovers, join us at the Little Baby Boo Nursery in the High Desert of Los Angeles County.

Mommies will travel for Adult Babies, Littles, and Diaper Lovers

We travel quite often to babysit littles, adult babies & diaper lovers. Where should we go next?

Call, chat, or video chat mommies of Little Baby Boo for Adult Babies, Littles, and Diaper Lovers

Video, & calling options available for shy littles, adult babies, & diaper lovers.

The Little Baby Boo Nursery ABDL Mommies are available virtually (via audio or video chat) for little ones all over the world!


Find out more!