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ABC's & Ice Pop Heists: Chapter 2

*insert deep TV voice* Previously in ABC's & Ice Pop Heists......hehe

......While Evie and Ryder were busy with their friendship bracelets, Katie and Tag were busy coloring their pictures. Mommy Black got up to get Tag some more juice, and Katie thought it was the perfect time to sneak away and go get her paci back.

She quietly crawled around the corner where all the littles’ cribs were, but stopped quickly when she saw slipper-covered feet. Busted! “Whatcha doin little one?” asked Mommy Black. “You’re supposed to be coloring with Tag” she said. “Wan paci Mommy” said Katie as she pointed to her crib. “You can have paci back when it’s naptime,” Mommy replied. “C’mon back here,” she said as she walked back to Tag. Katie really didn’t want to go back. She just wanted her paci and these mommies were being super unfair with all these rules. No pacis, no hitting – well, the no hitting rule she understood, but the paci rule was stupid. Before she could tell Mommy Black no, she saw mommy raise her eyebrow. It’s never a good sign when mommies raise their eyebrows. Not wanting to go to the corner she headed back over to color.

“Whats yous fav’ite movie Katie?” asked Tag, “Iz wikes Toy Stowy.” “I wike Lilo an Stitch an Fwozen. Owaf is my fav’ite,” she replied, “What you fav’ite movie Mommy?” Mommy Black thought really hard. She liked a lot of movies and picking just one was difficult. “I don’t know what one’s my favorite, but I like all those movies. Maybe we can watch one after nap time. What’re you drawing Tag?” she asked. “Iz dwawing Woody an Buzz Wightyear an da swinky dog pwaying in Andy’s woom,” Tag said. “You’re doing so good Tag. That looks amazing!,” said Mommy Black, “What about you Katie? What’re you drawing?” Katie looked at her drawing and giggled. “I drawed da bald guy in Lilo an Stitch. Hims got hit by a huge wave on da beach and hims dwopped hims ice cream on da ground,” she replied. Tag and Mommy Black couldn’t hold back their laughs. “That’s so silly!” said Tag. “That was a very funny part of the movie huh? I love it!,” said Mommy Black.

When the littles were finished making their friendship bracelets and coloring their pictures, they were all very very hungry and ready for lunch. Mama Buttercup took all the littles to wash their hands while Mommy Boo and Mommy Black got their lunches ready. Today the littles were having dinosaur chicken nuggets, tater tots, applesauce, and carrots with ranch. Once their hands were clean, the littles ran back out to the kitchen, rumbling tummies and all. Mommy Boo and Mommy Black helped everybody into their seats and made sure each little had a bib. Littles can get very messy and some of them were still mastering how to use a spoon. The mommies hoped that once everyone had full tummies, they’d be super sleepy and go down for an early nap.

“Dis weally yummy,” said Katie. “Dino nuggies are my fav’ite,” said Tag. “Mmhmm me too,” said Evie. They all ate every part of their lunch except the carrots. Babies and toddlers don’t like to eat vegetables. It’s like an unwritten rule - everybody knows that. Mommy Boo noticed this and said “Alright my loves, everybody needs to eat 3 bites of carrots and then it’s time to take a nap.” They all shook their heads no - carrots were yucky. “If you don’t finish your lunches you’ll be too tired to play later. And the littles that don’t eat their carrots won’t get an ice pop after a nap,” said Mama Buttercup. Ice-y pops changed everything. Everybody quickly ate their 3 bites of carrots and couldn’t wait to get their ice pops, even if they had to nap first.

Once everybody’s faces were cleaned, Mommy Boo filled everybody’s bottles and sippy cups with warm milk while Mama Buttercup picked out a story for naptime. Mommy Black changed their diapers, blew raspberries on their tummies, and tucked them in with their blankies and pacis. Katie and Evie were so excited to get their pacis back and by the time they got their milk, the littles were almost asleep. Mama Buttercup only got half way through her story and everybody was out cold.

The mommies quietly turned off the lights, left the room, and waited for their little ones to wake up. A few hours later, Tag, Katie, and Evie started to stir. Ryder was still sound asleep and the other three tried to climb out of their cribs. Mommy Boo was watching the monitor and quickly came into the room to get them. “Hello my littles loves,” she whispered, “Did you have a good nap?” “Uh huh,” said Tag as he rubbed the sleep from his eye. Mommy Boo helped him out of his bed and sent him to go play. Next she helped Evie out of her crib. She wasn’t sure about leaving her paci again, but Mommy Boo said she had to leave it there, so, with a slight pout, she listened and went to go find Tag. Next, Mommy Boo helped Katie out of her crib. “Ryder seepin,” she said pointing to the slumbering little. “Yeah he is,” said Mommy Boo, “so we have to be really quiet so we don’t wake him up.” Katie also thought about trying to fight to keep paci, but she knew Mommy Boo wouldn’t let her.

Back out in the living room, Tag, Evie, and Katie were trying to figure out what to play now that they had their naps. They had to be quiet because Ryder was still sleeping and they had to wait for him to wake up before the mommies would hand out the ice pops. Giving littles sugar and telling them to be quiet never ended well.

“What we gonna play?” asked Tag. “I no no,” Evie shrugged. "We can plays cat an mouse," she suggested. “But Mommy Boo says we’s gots ta be quiet cuz Ryder still sweepin’,” said Katie. “Yous wants ta build a blankey fort? Or maybe pway ousside?” Evie asked her friends. “How bou bof?” said Katie, “We build a bankey fort ousside?” “Heck yes!!” said Tag, “but we gots ta ask da mommies first.” After getting permission from the mommies to go outside, the little ones quickly went in search of blankey fort-making supplies. Tag grabbed the stuffies, Evie grabbed the blankies, Katie grabbed some pillows, and they headed to a nice shady spot under a tall tree.

“These blankies are soooo heavy,” Evie said, so Katie and Tag ran over to help their friend. “We gonna make a super big fort,” said Katie. “Wif two stowies,” yelled Tag. The three friends quickly finished building the first floor of the fort. After all, little ones are experts at building blankey forts. “How we gonna get to the second stowy?” asked Katie. Tag turned, pointed, and said “Look! Evie gotted chairs we can use.” “Yeah!” said Evie. “We can stack dem and build it high wike da buildings in da city.” “Das weally tall,” said Tag.

These littles all got back to work making their fort as tall as can be. Maybe even tall enough to touch the clouds. The downstairs part of the fort was the nursery and the upstairs part was the playroom. To get there, you had to climb up a bunch of chairs. These clever little ones called it the “chair-case.” There were lots of toys, books, and even a few giant pillows the littles could lay on together. Getting back down was the funnest part. You had to go down a big twisty slide into a ball pit full of colorful balls. Evie, Tag, and Katie all took turns running up the chair- case and sliding down the slide until they were too tired to climb the chairs again. The little friends went outside and admired the awesome fort they had built. “Iz hungry,” said Evie as her tummy rumbled. “We’s needs snacks. How bou mowe aminaw cwakers?!” said Tag. “An squeezable applesauce. Doze is my favorite,” said Evie. “Ooohh we need juice an ice-y pops too,” said Katie,“Is so hot my fweckles is melting.”

The littles ran inside and went straight to the kitchen to fetch some snacks, but they were too little to reach the freezer where the ice-y pops lived and all the chairs were in their fort. “How we gonna get the ice-y pops?” asked Evie. “We can push the colowing table over hewe and climb up,” said Tag. So they did. They carefully set their crayons and pictures on the couch and pushed the table in front of the fridge. Evie climed on the table and handed the ice pops to her friends below. “Iz wans a red one,” said Tag. “Iz wikes blue ones,” said Katie. “Wha colwer you wikes Evie?” asked Tag. "I wans da orange one," Evie replied.

“Shhh. Wats dat noise!!” said Katie, hearing footsteps. “Uh oh,” said Tag, “Mommy’s coming.” “Quick!! We gossa push the table back afore Mommy comes,” said Evie. She grabbed a couple extra ice pops, climbed down, and the three little ones quickly put everything back how they found it. The mommies would never know it got moved! They grabbed their bottles and sippy cups, and sprinted back into their fort before any mommy saw them.

Inside the fort…

“Can yous open dis for me pweese?” asked Tag. They all tried to open the ice-y pop, but it was too hard. Of course Mommy bought the little-proof ones. “We gossa ask Mommy for the scissors,” said Katie with a sigh. “I no fink Mommy gonna give dem to us. We too little,” said Evie. The three builder babies got their ice-y pops, but didn’t know how to open them. After a couple minutes, Katie said “maybe if we’s asks weally nice mommy open dem for us.” “I’s hopes so. Mines is melting,” said Tag. “But we didin ask Mommy afore we gots dem. We’s needs anoder pwan,” said Evie.

“Dere was scissors on da cwaft table inside where we made the fwendship bwacelets,” said Tag. “We gossa go back and get da scissors. I wan my ice-y pop,” said Evie. So, Tag, Katie, and Evie made their way back into the house in search for the scissors. They have to tiptoe through the house so the mommies don’t hear them. Katie grabbed the scissors and said to her friends “I got dem. Let’s go!” All of a sudden, they hear a noise: a crinkley noise. They look over and see Ryder crawling towards them and rubbing his eyes. Poor baby woke up from his nap and can’t find mommy. He sees the scissors and guilty looks on his friends’ face and knows they’re up to some shenanigans. They’re eating ice-y pops! And he wants one too!

Before he could blow their cover, Tag says to Ryder “If yous no tells Mommy, we gives you an ice-y pop.” “Whatever color yous wants,” says Evie. After a couple seconds, Ryder nods. Ice-y pops were SUPER amaze-balls and littles have to stick together. He sees the orange one that Evie has and reaches for it. “No Ryder dis my ice-y pop,” says Evie. Ryder starts whining and keeps reaching for Evie's snack. He almost has it when she turns away and yells “No!” That made Ryder really mad, so he grabbed one of Evie's braids and pulled really hard. “Owie!!” Evie shouted. Tag and Katie both said “Ryder that’s not nice” and even wagged their finger like the mommies always do. “hehe Jinx.” Evie was mad at Ryder for being mean, so she hit his arm and pushed him away.

He started crying really loud and crawled away in search of mommy. The other three know it won’t be long until one of the Mommies comes and figures out what happened. They hear the mommies ask Ryder what happened and why he’s so sad. Tag, Katie, and Evie knew the mommies would be coming to find them next.

Footsteps. “Uh oh. Mommy’s coming!” said Evie. “Quick we’s gots ta run,” said Tag. Evie, Tag, and Katie hurry back to their fort. Evie's in front, Tag second, and Katie in the back going slower than her friends because Mommy said never to run with scissors. They’re running as fast as their little legs can go when Tag trips on a rock and falls down. “Owie,” said Tag holding his knee. “Tag you otay?” asked Katie. “Don’t cwy Tag. I kiss is bettew,” said Evie. “Iz otay,” said Tag, “I jus scraped my knee.” “You bwave Tag. Dat looked wike it hurted,” said Katie. “It did,” Tag replied, “but kisses made it aww bettew. Fanks Evie!” “Yous wewcome Tag. Hurry we almost back to the fort,” Evie replied.

All three friends were super tired and sweaty when they finally made it back to their fort. They quickly opened and enjoyed their ice-y pops. They were so delicious and the three littles lost count how many they had – it was more than 6, but they couldn’t count higher than that. “We was wike ninjas” said Tag. “Da bestest ninjas,” said Evie as she rubbed her head. “You head hurt Evie?” asked Katie. “Not no more, but he pull weally hard,” she replied. “Maybe hims diaper made him cwanky,” said Tag with a shrug. “Hey there’s still one ice-y pop weft,” said Katie. “Dat one was for Ryder but hims hurt Evie so he no gets it no more” said Tag. “Nuh huh. Hims was mean, but we can shawe it,” said Evie. And they did. With their bellies full and their little bodies exhausted from fort building, ice-y pop heists, and shenanigans, the three friends cuddled upstairs on one of the giant pillows and drifted off to sleep.

They were almost asleep when they heard Mama Buttercup ask, “Mommy Boo, do you know where the scissors are?” Their eyes flew open in panic. “What we gonna do?” asked Evie. “Dey gonna knows we taked dem,” said Tag. “We’s can tells dem da cwaft fairy taked dem,” said Katie. “Are dey gonna beweive dat?” asked Tag, very skeptical of the idea. “I fink so!!” said Evie, “she’s da sisser to da toof fairy. Da toof fairy takes teeth and da cwaft fairy takes scissors.” “Ooohh das a good one. No way we get in twouble,” said Tag. It’s official. His new friends were brilliant!

“We gots ta hide the scissors though,” said Evie, “juss in case.” The littles scurried through their fort looking for good places to hide the scissors. They found a spot just in time to hear Mommy Black call out, “Tag, Katie, Evie, do either of you have the scissors?” “No Mommy!,” Evie replied. Katie and Tag poked their heads out the fort and said “Yeah we’s bein good. We’s pwayin piwate ship.” They all made sure to give Mommy Black the sweetest smiles they could. After all every little knows that the cuter you are, the easier it is to convince Mommy that you aren’t ‘up to no good.’ And at first Mommy Black was convinced they were telling the truth, and she was proud of her littles for playing nicely together and being so sweet. Too sweet she thought, and that made her suspicious.

Chapter 3 Coming Soon!!

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