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Katie-Pie's Korner: Meet the Characters

Check out who's who in the Korner Krew!!


Age: 2

Tag is a super silly 2-year-old and can put a smile on anybody's face. He loves to play games with his friends and make giganta-normous blankey forts. His wild imagination makes every day a new adventure.


Age: 2....and three quarters

Evie, also called Boon, is the most energetic of the bunch. She loves to build, do crazy science experiments, and play with Snoo, the resident kitty cat at the nursery. She loves playing games and jumping on the trampoline with her stuffed penguin, Jaffie. She curious like a cat and sometimes that gets her into trouble...


Age: 3

Ryder is a mischievous 3 year old. He loves to play video games and sneak jelly beans from the candy jar. At bath time, he loves to play hide from the mommies and if he's quiet, he's planning his next jelly bean heist.


Age: 1.5

Katie is the youngest of the group. She loves making blankie forts, going on adventures with her friends, and doing science experiments with Evie (which gets them both into trouble). She's a major cuddle bug, but if you touch her blankie or paci, you better watch out....


Age: 4

Mandy is typically the "mom" of the group and tries to keep the other littles from getting into trouble. Her favorite toy is a stuffed manatee, she's loves to play pretend and be mommy's little helper.


Age: 7

Bodhi is the oldest of the bunch and all the littles look up to him. He always has their best interest at heart, but the littles don't always listen to him and they end up in the corner. He's the first to kiss an owie better and the first to pick you up when you fall. His smile is infectious and he gives the best hugs.

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