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ABC's & Ice Pop Heists: Chapter 1


It’s a bright, beautiful, sunny Monday morning, and the Mommies of the Little Baby Boo Nursery are busy getting ready for a new week of Littles Camp. Mommy Boo was putting on her littles’ most favorite cartoon, Paw Patrol, for them to watch while they waited for all their friends. Mama Buttercup was in the kitchen preparing bottles, sippy cups, and morning snacks for the littles to eat with their morning cartoons while Mommy Black gathered all the diapees they’ll need to keep these littles smelling fresh and clean all day long. “It looks like we are going to have two new little ones joining us today,” said Mama Buttercup. “Yay! New friends!” cheered Mommy Boo and Mommy Black.

“Our first new little one is Evie and she’s 2 years old. She has a lot of energy but can be a little bit shy at first and her most favorite snack is mango juice with squeezable applesauce,” said Mama Buttercup. “Katie is our next new little. She’s almost 2 and also very shy, but they both love hugs and cuddles!” she continued. “Aww, it looks like we have some shy littles joining us today,” said Mommy Boo. “I’m sure they’ll make fast friends with Tag and Ryder and have a great day at camp,” said Mama Buttercup.

* Ding Dong *

Mama Buttercup answered the door and was greeted with a HUGE hug from Tag! He always has lots of fun at the camp, gets lots of cuddles, and can’t wait to come back the next morning. “Mommy iz misseded yous! I not seen yous in fowever!” said Tag, even though he was at camp last week. Like most littles, he loved doing crafts, building blankey forts, and getting lots of hugs from the mommies. Mommy Boo got his snack and sippy from the kitchen while he and his paw patrol stuffie got comfy on the couch.

The mommies didn’t have to wait very long until the doorbell rang again. Which little is it gonna be? It’s......Evie!! “Good morning little one, what’s your name?” cooed Mommy Boo. “I Evie,” Evie replied around her Nemo paci. She was very nervous about her first day of camp. The mommies seemed really nice but it’s all very new, and new stuff is scary, especially new vegetables – yuck!. “Well that’s a very pretty name sweetheart. I’m Mommy Boo, this is Mama Buttercup, and this is Mommy Black. We’re so excited you’re here today. We have lots of toys and snacks, and we’re going to have such a fun day together,” said Mommy Boo, introducing all the mommies. “Now I know first days can be a little scary, but we have a rule at camp where you only have paci for nap time cuz we don't want it to get lost or get all dirty.” Evie was 100% not okay with this rule and there was no way she’s letting any mommy take her paci no matter how nice they are. “Can you give Mommy Boo your paci sweet pea?” asked Mommy Boo. Evie shook her head no and covered her paci with her hand so Mommy Boo couldn’t take it out. Mommy Boo wrapped her arms around Evie, gave her a big hug, and looked over at Mommy Black. After all, trying to take a paci from a little is dangerous territory.

Softly, Mommy Black said to her, “We can’t go play and watch Paw Patrol until we put your paci and blankie in your crib for nap.” Evie narrowed her eyes at Mommy Black and thought, how dare this mommy lady make her choose between her two greatest loves. She thought for a second...Paci or Paw Patrol? She really wants to keep her paci, especially because her paci gets lonely without her. But, these mommies aren’t budging on their paci rule and Mommy Boo said she’ll get it back for nap. Plus she’s missing Paw Patrol! Reluctantly, she took her paci out and gave it to Mommy Boo. “Great job Evie! Mommy Boo is so proud of you for being so brave!” she cheered. “Should we get you a snack and watch some cartoons while we wait for some more friends to arrive?” asked Mama Buttercup as she held out her hand. I hope these new friends are nice, she thought, taking Mama Buttercup's hand. “C’mon honey,” she said.

Mama Buttercup led her over to the couch where Tag was enjoying an episode of Paw Patrol, one of Evie's favorite cartoons. “Evie, this is Tag. Tag, this is miss Evie and it’s her first day here today,” said Mama Buttercup. “Hi Evie,” waved Tag, “Yous wans watch Paw Patwol wif me?” he asked. Evie nodded and climbed up on the couch with her stuffed dinosaur, Boon. “Who you stuffie Evie?” asked Tag. “Dis Boon. Who yous stuffie name?” Evie replied. “Dis Chase. He my fav’ite Paw Patwol chawacter. Hims on TV and hims and hims fwends hewps people dat need it,” Tag said. “Yous wikes paw patwol?,” he asked. Evie nodded excitedly and said “Is my favwite.” Tag loved hearing that. The more littles that liked Paw Patrol, the better! “Yous be my fwend?” Tag asked. “Yeas!” Evie replied “I be you fwend.” Maybe camp won’t be so scary. After all, she’s been here only a couple minutes and already made a friend!! Mama Buttercup came back with Evie's bottle full of juice and a squeezable applesauce pouch. “Fank you Mama Buttercup,” Evie said. “You’re very welcome little one,” Mama replied. “Mama me an Evie is fwends now!!” Tag said excitedly. “That’s very awesome!! I’m glad you both made a new friend today!” said Mama Buttercup. The two new friends went back to watching their cartoons while they waited for the rest of the littles to show up.

The next one to arrive at camp was Ryder! Like Tag, he loves coming to camp. There’s so many toys to play with and the mommies always read the best stories before naptime. Plus, he had a secret candy stash in the toy box. Mommy Black brought him over to the couch to join Evie and Tag, and said “Evie this is Ryder. Ryder can you say hi to Evie? She’s one of our new friends joining us today.” Ryder gave a small wave and hid behind Mommy Black. He’s a little shy around new littles, but once he got his sippy cup and snack, all three littles were cheering on Chase and his paw patrol pals. Once that episode was over, Evie, Tag, and Ryder all quickly asked Mommy Boo to put on another episode. They really loved this show.

* Ding Dong *

Mommy Boo answered the door and welcomed Katie to littles camp. “Hi there little one. What’s your name?” she asked. “I Katie,” Katie replied shyly around her paci. “It’s so good to meet you little one. I’m Mommy Boo and this is Mommy Black, and Mama Buttercup. I know your first day can be a little scary, but I promise we’re gonna have so much fun together,” said Mommy Boo. “Should we go get a snack and some juice and join our friends on the couch?” she asked as she held out her hand. Katie held her blankey and stuffed elephant close, shook her head, and backed away. She had never been at camp before and was really nervous about meeting new friends. The mommies saw how nervous she was, but they knew just what to do. “Can mommy give you a hug little one?” asked Mommy Black. Katie nodded - she loved hugs. She immediately felt safe and not long after, she felt a little better about trying camp. “Are you ready to meet the other littles and have a snack?” asked Mama Buttercup. She was still scared, but took her hand. The mommies knew they couldn’t tackle the paci just yet. Soon, but not now.

Entering the living room, Katie saw three other littles watching Paw Patrol.

“Little ones, this is Katie. Katie this is Tag, and Ryder, and Evie.” The littles all waved as Mama Buttercup said their names. “It’s Katie's first day at camp today too, and she’s a little nervous,” Mama Buttercup continued. “Yous can sit next ta me an Tag,” Evie said, “Is my first day too and Iz was weally nervous, but me an Tag iz fwends now and we watch paw patwol togedder.” “Yeah,” said Tag, “me and Evie is fwends, and Ryder too. Whos yous stuffie? Yous wike Paw Patrol?” he continued. “Dis Beau,” Katie replied, “I wuvs Paw Patwol and I wikes Bluey too.” “I wove Bluey!” said Evie, “I fink we’s all gonna be weally good fwends.” Katie gave a little smile when Tag and Ryder both agreed. Mama Buttercup came back with a bottle of juice and some animal crackers for Katie and let the little ones finish their morning cartoons.

Even after the second episode of Paw Patrol ended, the littles wanted more. They would watch all day if the mommies let them. “Pweese can wes juss watch one more paw patwol? Is all ours most favoritest show in da whowe wide world!” whined Ryder, waving his arms so the mommies knew how much the littles loved it. Tag, Katie, and Evie both agreed and begged the mommies for just one more episode. Unfortunately, saying please was not helping them get their way this time.

“You all can watch more Paw Patrol later. We have some new friends with us now, so we need to go over our rules,” said Mommy Black earning groans and whines from all the littles. They didn’t like rules. Camp was supposed to be full of sunshine, rainbows, and fun, not rules.

“Number 1,” said Mommy Boo, “is to be kind to one another. That means no name-calling, no naughty words, no hitting, no pushing, and to share when you need to share.”

“Number 2,” said Mama Buttercup as she held up two fingers, “is to pick up the toys when you’re done playing. We don’t want any little ones, or mommies stepping on a lego that was left out.” The littles were super okay with that rule. Legos were fun to build with, but stepping on one would give you a huge owie.

“Number 3,” said Mommy Black, “is to ask permission before you go play outside, or get a snack.” Mommy Boo continued, “And it’s super super important you ask one of the mommies for help with scissors. We're gonna do lots and lots of crafts so if you see them, don’t touch them, and especially don’t ever run with them. They’re very sharp and we don’t want any of you getting hurt.”

“Rule number 4,” said Mama Buttercup, “is to listen to the mommies. If Mommy tells you to do something, you need to listen and follow directions."

“Our last rule, rule number 5” said Mommy Black as she held up five fingers, “is a very, very important rule and that is to always tell the truth. Lying is a big no no at camp and you’ll go straight to the corner. Does everyone understand these rules?”

All the littles nodded their heads. None of them like the corner. “I’m so proud of all of you for sitting and listening to the rules,” Mommy Boo praised. They all smiled. “Which of my sweet littles are ready to make a craft?” she continued. Everybody raised their hand. “Today we are going to be making some super cool friendship bracelets!” said Mama Buttercup as the other two mommies cheered. “We’re gonna take turns making the bracelets, so two of you are gonna color with Mommy Black and two of you are gonna make a bracelet with me and Mommy Boo, and then we’ll switch.”

Mama Buttercup and Mommy Boo led Katie and Tag over to the craft table to pick out colors for their bracelets while Mommy Black took Ryder and Evie over to color. Mama Buttercup turned to Tag. “What kind of friendship bracelet do you wanna make Tag? Can you pick out some colors?” she asked him. “Iz wans make a Paw patwol bwacelet for Ryder cuz hims wikes Paw patwol wike me. Ummm Iz needs white, a dawk bwue, a wight bwue, a yewwow, umm wed, an da owange sting pwease Mama,” Tag replied. Mama Buttercup started gathering his colors and showed him how to make the Naughty 4 bracelet – name courtesy of Mommy Black.

Meanwhile, Mommy Boo turned to Katie and asked “what about you little one? What colors do you want for your bracelet?” “Iz makes a bwacewet fow Evie,” Katie said. “That’s so sweet of you! What colors do you think she’d like?” asked Mommy Boo. Katie thought really hard about what her new friend might like. She didn’t know what Evie's favorite colors were, but she remembered Evie telling her about her Nemo paci and wanted to make her a pretty bracelet to match it. “Umm owange pwease, an bwack, an white, an da wight blue,” Katie replied. “Those are awesome choices sweet pea,” said Mommy Boo, and she quickly got the strings ready for the bracelet. “Now little one before you start your bracelet, we have to do one more thing,” said Mommy Boo, “We don't want your paci to get dirty or lost, so we have to put your paci in your crib with blankie and Beau.” Katie shook her head no as fast as she possibly could. There was no way she was giving up her paci. Beau and blankie will be okay until nap, but paci had to stay with her. “I know it’s hard,” Mommy Boo said as she gave her a big hug, “your new friend Evie didn’t want to give hers up either, but I promise you’ll get paci back for nap. We’re gonna have some craft time, then some coloring time, lunch, and then a story for nap. You’ll get paci back before you know it.” Katie didn’t fully believe her, but she really wanted to make her new friend this bracelet, so she let Mommy Boo take her paci. It didn’t take long to forget how much she missed it and she couldn’t wait to give Evie the bracelet she made.

Over at the coloring table, Evie and Ryder were busy coloring with Mommy Black. She was telling them about all the activities they have planned for camp and how much fun they're going to have. Evie thought it sounded like so much fun as long as they didn’t have to sleep on the ground with all the bugs. That doesn’t sound fun at all. “Ryder can Iz borrows da bwown cwayon pwease?” Evie asked. "No, iz needs it," he replied, shaking his head "You isn't even usin da bwown one. You colorin wif green," Evie told him. Ryder still refused. He didn’t want to share his crayons with anybody. What if he needed it for his picture? “Mommy, Ryder not sharin hims cwayons,” Evie pouted. “Ryder remember our rule about sharing?” asked Mommy Black, “we need to share with our friends and Evie will give it right back.” Ryder thought for a second. He really didn’t want to give up his crayon, but he believed Evie would give it back when she was done, so he handed it to her.

“What’re you coloring little one?” asked Mommy Black. “Iz colowin summer camp. Wez sweepin in cabins cuz the gwound not comfy and dere’s lots of bugs. An dere’s a big fire to woast marshmewwows an teww scawy ghost stowies. An dere’s gonna be a big pwayground wif swings an a slide,” said Evie. “That sounds like an awesome summer camp,” said Mommy Black, “What’re you coloring there Ryder?” He held up his picture for Mommy Black to see. He drew himself playing and building sandcastles on the beach with all his stuffies. There was a big beach umbrella with a paw patrol towel, and an inflatable boat for the ocean. There was even a cooler full of bottles and snacks for when he got hungry. “Aww that looks like a super fun beach day. You two did an amazing job coloring,” said Mommy Black, “Are you ready to go make your friendship bracelets with Mommy Boo and Mama Buttercup?” “Yeah!,” they shouted, so Evie and Ryder cleaned up their crayons and hurried to pick out their bracelet colors.

Before they went to color, Katie and Tag gave Evie and Ryder the friendship bracelets they made for them. “Iz no no what yous fav’ite colors is so iz made a bwacelet wike you paci,” Katie told Evie. “I wove it! I gonna make one fo you now!” Evie said before running over the Mommy Boo, even more excited to make her bracelet. Ryder was also very excited to make his bracelet now. Tag gave him one with all the paw patrol colors and asked Ryder to make him one just like it.

As Mama Buttercup got Ryder's colors for his bracelet to give to Tag, Evie turned to Mommy Boo and said, “Mommy I don't wanna wait for nap...I wan my paci back now please.” As much as Evie loved her bracelet, it made her miss her Nemo paci. Mommy Boo gave her a big hug and held her close. “I know it’s hard little one. Your new friend Katie is missing hers too, but you’ll get it back very soon. I promise. We’re gonna make some awesome friendship bracelets, have some lunch, and then it’s nap time. You’re doin so good and Mommy Boo is so proud of you for being so brave. Do you know what colors you want for your bracelet?” Mommy Boo asked. “Katie maked me dis bwacelet. Dese cowors are da same ones as my paci!,” Evie told her. She wasn’t too sure what to do for her new friend. She wanted to make a bracelet with all her favorite colors, but she didn’t know what they were. She could do a Paw Patrol one, but Tag and Ryder already did those and she wanted to do something different. Katie also liked Bluey, so she picked out all Bluey colors. “Mommy Boo can Iz has da dawk bwue, da white, teaw, and dat oder bwue pwease?” Evie asked. “Of course little one. Those were such good manners,” Mommy Boo replied. Evie smiled really big. Littles camp is awesome.

While Evie and Ryder were busy with their friendship bracelets, Katie and Tag were busy coloring their pictures. When Mommy Black got up to get Tag some more juice, Katie thought it would be the perfect time to sneak away and go get her paci back.


Part 2 Coming Soon!!

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