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Baby Love Bug Craft

Learn how to make a Baby Love Bug in this Mommy's Makerspace craft with Mommy Black.

Love is in the air, behbehs... and so are love bugs!! Watch along as Mommy Black attempts to make hers glow in the dark. Will it work? Why does it only have 4 legs? Why shouldn't you use old craft glue? The answers to these questions and more, inside this video!

Making small ABDL crafts is a great way to be able to have inconspicuous anchors around the house. "Anchors" are physical reminders that can help you cope in tough situations. When you're having a difficult day, just looking at this little bug might help to remember a happier time and improve your mood. Life is good in littlespace!

At the end, get a sneak peak at video from the upcoming ABDL Space Camp!!Space Camp starts on March 9th (hopefully) and is FREE & virtual!!!

Have fun crafting!!

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