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Bugsy Goes to Space Camp

Hey there, little space adventurers! Welcome to week four of ABDL Space Camp! This week, we're taking it down a notch with a fun bedtime story. Join Mommy Black as she reads "Bugsy Goes to Space Camp."

Bugsy Goes to Space Camp

Bugalugs, AKA Bugsy, a curious and brave little explorer, is getting ready to embark on the most amazing journey ever – Little Baby Boo Nursery's ABDL Space Camp! With her trusty stuffed bunny Max by her side, Bugsy packs her suitcase with all the essentials: cozy clothes, her favorite paci, and even some yummy snacks for the trip.

But wait, there's more! Bugsy wonders how she'll drink in space. Mommy explains that astronauts use special sippy cups with straws for their space juice. Bugsy giggles at the thought of sipping space juice from a sippy cup – how fun!

And guess what? Max, gets a tiny spacesuit too! Can you imagine Max exploring space with Bugsy? It's sure to be a cute and cuddly adventure!

As night falls, Bugsy starts feeling a little worried about using the potty at camp. But Mommy reassures her that special diapers will keep her dry and comfy in space – just like the ones she uses at home.

At the end of the night, Bugsy snuggles up with Mommy for a cozy bedtime story and drifts off to sleep, dreaming of all the adventures waiting for her at Space Camp.

Now, it's your turn to join Bugsy on her space adventure!

Grab your crayons and paper, and draw your favorite scene from Bugsy's journey. Will you draw Bugsy packing her suitcase, sipping space juice from a sippy cup, or cuddling up with Max in her cozy spacesuit? Let your imagination soar!

A coloring sheet for ABDL Space Camp that is used for the littlespace story, "Bugsy Goes to Space Camp."
Bugsy Goes to Space Camp Coloring Sheet

We hope you had a blast exploring space with Bugsy and Max. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures, and remember – the sky's the limit when you use your imagination!

Keep dreaming, little space explorers!

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