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FREE 10-Minute Virtual Session

Did you know that we have super cool sets of diapies, clothing, and accessories at The Littles' Store? We call it the Mommy-Made Collection and it's made from items that we think would look adorable on littles.

The one thing we've been missing is SEEING ya'll in 'em!!! So, Mommy Boo and Ms Mommy Black have offered to donate mini Fashion Show Virtual Sessions so that we can fawn over the cuteness!! 🥰

So, check out the Mommy-Made Collection at The Littles' Store and pick out one of the packages that has a graphic of Mommy Boo popping out of the gift box. Your special code for the free 10-minute mini session will be mailed with your items.

Oh, and the cool thing is that you can put that $40 coupon towards a longer session if you'd like to hang out a bit longer! Super cool, right?

We can't wait to see you, little one!


The Mommies

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