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Get Well Cards for Mommy Boo!

Mommy Boo has been admitted to UCLA for acute pancreatitis. She'll be fine, because she's getting excellent care, but we're waiting to see if she'll need emergency surgery.

Mommy Boo being a trooper!

In the meantime, I thought it'd be cool if we could all make her some get-well cards! It'd give her so much joy to receive colorful cards from her littles. I'd think she'd appreciate anything (big or small) and help her to feel loved. She's going through a pretty rough time right now.

If you can, mail your card to our P.O. Box (Mommy Boo, 38713 Tierra Subida Ave #120, Palmdale, CA 93551) and we'll get them to her. If you can't snail mail one, that's okay! Just color something and post it online with the hashtag #ILoveMommyBoo. When she's feeling better, I'll have her find them (post as many as you'd like, there's no limit on love!).

Needless to say, she'll likely be MIA on social media (unless I can get a phone charger to her) and her virtual sessions will be canceled until at least next week. She should be okay for her Mother's Day sessions.

Send her some positive vibes, love, & light, little ones. She needs it.


Mommy Black

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