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We're on Patreon!!!!

We're suuuuper excited about the launch of our new Patreon page!! We like the idea of this platform because it seems to have the flexibility for us to post all kinds of content.

Since we're just starting out, we'll only be offering "Tier A" for the rest of the month of June. This tier is for those who want to provide general support for the Nursery.

For only $5, you'll get:

  • Early access to:

    • New YouTube content

    • Special Nursery & The Littles' Store updates & announcements

    • Information on upcoming content

  • Photos in and around the Nursery (some exclusive to Patreon)

  • Our eternal gratitude

  • Some sweet, sweet karma

Those who join during June will hold a special place in our hearts. :) Thank you for your support!


The Mommies

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