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Lovember: A month of comfort, thanks & love for your inner little!

Love your little side!

Healing Play

Let's take a moment to recognize that, for a lot of us, our inner little has provided a much needed respite from a time of despair or stress. That part of us has allowed us to quiet our minds and set aside worry. Sometimes we care too much about what society thinks of our community, instead of rejoicing in the self-healing aspects of ageplay.

This month, let's focus on the positives of age play and how it's helped you to heal. Let's surround ourselves with soft, comfortable items and give thanks to our little sides!

Little Baby Boo Nursery Playroom

A lot of our discussions this month will happen in the virtual Little Baby Boo Nursery Playroom. It's our private Telegram group for littles, Bigs & everyone in-between. Access comes with membership to our Patreon group, which is only $5 a month.

You might be asking yourself, "Self, why do they charge just to chat in a Telegram group?" Well, for a couple of reasons! Besides providing a wee bit of compensation for what we do, it provides a tiny paywall to prevent trolls from causing any sort of psychological trauma. And that's huge.

It also adds an extra layer of discernment to assist you in making quality, like-minded ABDL friends. You know that the folks with whom you're chatting share your goals of supporting the community AND you know that they're interested in making real ABDL friends.

We also meet monthly for an hour-long video conference so that we can see each other "in person." We do this so that we're not all just names in an online chat forum, we can develop a stronger sense of camaraderie and connectedness.

Discussion & Interaction

I mention all of this so that everyone will know what's going on behind-the-scenes with Little Baby Boo Nursery and where you can connect with us. Because of our crazy schedules, the best bet for being able to interact with the Mommies right now, is in the Little Baby Boo Nursery Playroom. It's where we'll be discussing a lot of the topics for this month and where we touch base with all the littles to figure out what we should be doing, moving forward.

That being said, please, please, please feel free to interact with the other littles on our social media. We loooove seeing you all talk with one another! And while we may not always be able to respond, we do read most of what you guys write!

We miss you all terribly and look forward to the day we can all play together again!

All my love,

Ms Mommy Black

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