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Mommy Black's European Tour

Crinklz & Little Baby Boo Nursery are all about love!
Crinklz & Little Baby Boo Nursery are all about love!

Ms Mommy Black will be visiting Europe from February 5th-25th, 2020! For those of you who don't know, Mommy Black is a photographer, so during her trip she's volunteering her time to shoot some photos for Crinklz Diapers to use in their advertising. Fun, right?

If you're in one of the areas where they are shooting and are interested in participating, please fill out the Crinklz photo shoot entry form. You must be 18 years or older to sign up.

February 6-9th: AB Heaven Ageplay weekend in the Harz Mountains, Germany.

February 9th: Club Luier's Valentine Party, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

February 14-17th: Valentine's Day weekend in London, England.

The rest of the time, Mommy Black will be in the Frankfurt, Germany area (home of Crinklz) shooting content. Plans for Basel, Switzerland and other areas of Germany are being worked on, so if you have an ABDL nursery or event that you think she might be interested in attending, contact her and let her know!!!

Ms Mommy Black is visiting Europe
Ms Mommy Black is taking on Europe!


When Ms Mommy Black returns to California, she'll continue shooting in and around Los Angeles. And while at CAPCon (March 5-9th), she'll be shooting in Chicago.

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