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Virtual Week & Opening Updates

Virtual Week

This week we're getting a lot done at the Little Baby Boo Nursery. Mommy Boo and Ms Mommy Black are prepping for August, when we'll be re-opening The Little Store!

Because we're having so much fun, we've decided to do a week of Virtual Sessions. Yaaay!!!! So book your session while you can and let's get together and have some fun!

Nursery Update

We are sad to say that, due to the outbreak of the Delta variant, we're going to have to postpone the re-opening of in-person sessions of the Little Baby Boo Nursery. A couple of us have autoimmune and health issues, so we need to keep a social-distance buffer for just a little while longer.

Because we're holding off in-person sessions, we're trying to add more availability for virtual sessions. Keep an eye on our booking page for openings. Also, please note that we are available for weekly or repeat sessions as well. Just contact us so that we can arrange a schedule.

The Littles' Store

While we're not doing in-person sessions yet, we will be reopening The Littles' Store! For the month of August, it will be by appointment and then September 4th we'll have set opening hours. Also, remember that you can pick-up merchandise purchased through www.Littles.Store at any time that's convenient.

We hope you guys are doing well and staying safe! Please remember that this Delta variant is deadly, so be sure to continue to stay diligent and protect yourselves!


Little Baby Boo Nursery

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