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Science Boonies: Intro

Have you ever wanted to (for scientific purposes, of course) explode things!? Well, we're not going to do that because Mommy Black said something, "safety", something, "we can't have littles getting hurt", "something, don't 'listen Linda', me!". She's ridiculous, I know. We tried to tell her "it's for science!!" but she still said no (how rude!).

Even if we can't blow stuff up, we will be doing some amazing science experiments! Boon #1 (BoonBerries) and Boon #2 (KatieBoon) are going to walk you through how to make some absolutely mind-blowing experiments (she didn't say anything about not blowing minds, hehe).

For each experiment, there will be written and video instructions. The written instructions will have a list of required materials, a step-by-step guide, a coloring page, and the 'Big Boon Brain' explanation section. The videos will be Boon one and two doing the experiment with you, in real-time (prepare for dad jokes and lame, nerdy references)! We can't wait to science with you, Boons!!!

~ The Boon Squad

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