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Day 21 - 🐚 Ash’s Art: Stuffie Mermaid Tails

Day 21 - 🐚 Ash’s Art: Stuffie Mermaid Tails - #CampBooTail

Today, Ash will be walking you through how to make the cutest mermaid tail for your stuffie!!

Supplies needed:

  • 🦪 fabric (this can be old clothing or a blanket you don't want anymore as well)

  • 🦪 the stuffie that will be a mermaid for a day

  • 🦪 a black marker

  • 🦪 hot glue gun (or sewing stuff)

  • 🦪 paper and pen

  • 🦪 add-ons if you want them, like gems or a string of beads

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