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ABC's & Ice Pop Heists: Final Chapter

"...iz hides dem somewhere, but yous gots ta distact mommy.” Tag and Evie nodded.

They all slid down the twisty slide into the ball pit and peeked their heads out of the fort. “Coast is cwear” said Evie. “Wets go!” said Tag. They ran through the grass and hurried across the porch making it safely inside. They didn’t see any of the mommies, so maybe they might just be okay. Bluey was on and they could hear the mommies in the other room whispering. They had to be ninjas again and be super quiet. Tag spotted the bag of string from when they made friendship bracelets and pointed it out to his friends. Katie quietly tiptoed over to it and put the scissors in there. The bag rustled loudly and the mommies stopped whispering. They heard lots of footsteps coming towards them. “Babies?!” Mommy Boo called out. Tag, Evie, and Katie’s eyes went wide. They grabbed a blanket and hurried to cuddle on the couch together and watch Bluey.

Mommy Boo, Mama Buttercup, and Mommy Black walked in and turned off Bluey, with protest from the three littles. The mommies had stern looks on their faces, making the three littles nervously grab each others hands under the blanket. The mommies definitely knew they took the ice pops.

“Now little ones, remember what our rule is about telling the truth?” said Mommy Boo. “Yes Mommy,” they replied. “And what is the rule? Who remembers?” asked Mama Buttercup. “To tell the troof. No wying,” said Tag. “That’s right. That’s a good job remembering Tag!” said Mommy Boo. Tag gave a shy smile.

“I counted 13 ice pops missing from the freezer. Do you know how many wrappers Mommy Black found when she went into your fort?” asked Mama Buttercup. Tag, Evie, and Katie shook their heads no. “Thirteen,” she said. The three littles were shocked. They couldn’t count that high, but there was no way they ate that many, right? “And when Mommy Black asked if you knew anything about the ice pops, did you tell her the truth?” asked Mommy Boo. “No mama,” said Evie, “we was wyin.”

“How did you get the ice pops open?” asked Mommy Boo. All the littles’ eyes went wide. They knew they were caught and had to tell the mommies the truth. “Wif da scissors,” said Katie quietly, “but we was weally weally caweful and didin run or nuffin.” “That’s very good that you were safe with them, but you are all too little to use scissors, especially without permission,” Mommy Black said. “And when I asked you three if you had the scissors, what did you say?” “Dat we didin hab dem,” said Tag. “We is sorry we no telled da truth mommies,” said Evie. “Yeah,” said Tag and Katie, agreeing with Evie's apology.

“And what’s our rule about listening?” asked Mommy Black. “To listen an follow ‘rections,” Tag replied. “And when Mommy said to come out of the fort did you three listen?” The littles shook their heads no. “No. We was sassy and not wissining. We is sorry for breaking the rules mommies” said Katie. “Yeah. Weally sorry” said Evie and Tag. Mommy Boo looked to them and said, “We know little ones, but there’s consequences for breaking the rules, and you three broke more than one rule today. You’ve all earned 15 minutes of corner time for lying, using scissors without permission, and not listening to Mommy Black outside.” The little’s mouths fell open in shock. Fifteen minutes was a long time!! That’s like a whole episode of Paw Patrol! Sorries were supposed to fix everything and none of them like the corner. The corner was so boring and they were still going through a sugar rush, so sitting still for that long was gonna be torture.

Mommy Boo took Tag’s hand and led him to his corner. He decided to listen and was scared of spanks too if he fought. Being new and not knowing what would happen if they fought, Evie and Katie didn’t go so easy.

Mama Buttercup took hold of their wrists to lead them to their corners, but they both pulled away and started swatting the top of her hand to let go. Mommy Black didn’t like that. She looked them in the eyes and said they’re going in the corner for 20 minutes now for fighting. That made the two littles even more upset. They apologized and Mommy is still punishing them. It’s not fair, so Evie stood up, stomped her foot, looked right at Mommy Black and told her “No!.” Getting a rush of defiance and feeling just as sassy as her friend, Katie stood up, crossed her arms, and told Mommy Black “Yeah! No! We all says sorry an we is still goin in da corner? Is not fair!”

“Last warning. You will sit in the corner for 20 minutes, or you can have a spanking and THEN sit in the corner for 20 minutes,” Mommy Black told the two defiant littles. To say Evie and Katie were shocked was an understatement. Tag was shocked too! Spankings after sorries was basically unheard of. He stayed quiet in the corner but looked at his friends and shook his head. He didn’t want his friends to be spanked. Evie saw him shaking his head and she knew Mommy Black meant business. They broke the rules and were all going in the corner no matter what even though they said sorry. She still thought that was stupid, but she was gonna trust Tag and listen. Katie didn’t see it that way. They apologized to mommy twice for breaking the rules and they meant it. They were even really careful with the scissors and didn’t get hurt, but now they’re getting more corner time AND a spanking?! “That’s not fair Mommy!,” Katie whined, “We’s already says sorry!”

She turned to Evie and asked, “Are you gonna be a good girl and listen to Mommy?” Still not thrilled, Evie nodded and let Mommy Boo take her to her corner, pouting the whole way there. Next, Mommy Black turned to Katie and asked, “Are you gonna listen to Mommy and go sit in the corner? Or do you need a spankin first?” Arms still crossed and face still pouty, Katie narrowed her eyes at Mommy Black and said “No I don need a ‘pankin’. Yous is juss bein mean! We ‘pologized and we still gossa go to da corner. An you intewupted ours game ousside! Dis ‘toopid an not fair and I not goin!” With the stomp of her foot Katie turned around and started to run back outside to the blankey fort to finish playing, but Mommy Black quickly caught her and we don’t have to tell you what happened next.

Moral of the story: Hide the ice pop wrappers

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