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Day 27: Katie-Pie's Korner

What's new Korner Krew?!?!?

WELCOME TO: Day........27 of ABDL Summer Camp!!

Last week the rest of the Korner Krew really needed your help - they got themselves in a little bit of trouble and needed your help figuring out what to do

A lot of you said they should tell the truth and not lie - which is very good advice!!

Wanna know what they decided to do?

In honor of the final week of summer camp, the final chapter of ABC's & Ice Pop Heists is now up and posted HERE

If you haven't read parts 1, 2, or 3....well ya really gotta catch up

Spoiler alert - they're pretty bomb if I do say so myself (.....and I do hehe)

Your task:

Show us a picture of you favorite summer treat or color a scene from the story and post it using the hashtag #campboostory

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