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Ocean Pollution: Take Action!

We've been talking about the ocean for the last month and we think it's important that we use this last activity day of Summer Camp 2022 to talk about protecting this vital habitat!

There's no time like the present to TAKE ACTION about ocean pollution! The number one threat being... PLASTICS!!

For Littlespace: The Octonauts

One of our favorite cartoons is The Octonauts. Watch the episode Octonauts & the Pelican (for a cleaner copy, it's on Netflix).

For Bigspace: How do we fight marine plastic polution? | One Small Step

We all know that plastic is having a dramatic effect on marine life, but what can we do about it? Lucy shows us what we can do in this very informative video:

Some of the players talked about in this video:

How Little Baby Boo Nursery takes action

Did you know that 10% of our sales of Aquanaut diapers on eBay goes to the PADI AWARE foundation? The project is made of scuba divers who directly impact the protection of the ocean via the Sharks in Peril and Marine Debris programs.

We also recycle and shop with re-usable bags and drink bottles.

How will YOU take action to save our oceans?

Complete this coloring sheet and upload it to your social media with the hashtag #CampBooAction!!

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