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Charlatans in the Mist

We've recently been made aware of another grifter who was claiming to be part of the Nursery. She goes by the name "Mommy Sandra."

This person contacted @littlepurple_pup and told him that she was one of the Mommies of the Nursery. She was trying to get information from him with the lure of a free Nursery session. Because his spidey senses were tingling, he reached out to us to confirm her identity. Luckily he was able to capture this screenshot before he blocked her.

A big thank you to little purple pup for having the courage to let us know. Sadly, he'd had similar experiences in the past, so he was able to see through the charlatan's ruse.

This comes a couple of days after another little, @maplebabyboy, notified us about a "Mommy Anita." This person had posted photos of Mommy Boo in front of our Nursery crib. She was claiming it as her own and was attempting to sell it.

The community came together and got the account removed; however, these incidents have brought to light just how often this sort of baiting happens in the ABDL community. And quite frankly, it infuriates us. We've come up with a few pointers to help folks stay safe.

Little Red Flags

Trust your instincts, little ones. If, at any time, you get the feeling that something isn't quite right... listen to your gut. Especially if a person contacts you out of the blue.

These scammers are preying on your vulnerabilities and your need to be loved. They are twisted individuals who don't truly understand what our community is about, nor do they comprehend the kind of damage that they can inflict on a regressed little.

The Importance of Adultspace

Please, please, please protect your little side and be sure to engage in adult conversation with any potential play partner(s). THIS IS IMPERATIVE. We know that you're eager to find someone with whom you can share your most intimate side; but, you HAVE TO protect your little.

Would you expect a 3-year-old to make important grown-up decisions? NO! So, why trust your little side to choose a partner? If a potential Caregiver approaches you, be sure to have your Big hat on when choosing whether or not to engage.

Ageplay Lingo & Correct Grammar

Does this potential play partner actually know the language of our community or does it seem like they're just writing what they THINK you might want to hear. For instance, in the case of Mommy Anita, the person writes, "I am a mommy love to take care of adult babies get married together."

What? This is not to say that you should disregard foreign-language speakers, but this sentence should be throwing up all kinds of little red flags. Professional Caregivers do not promise marriage - that would just bring unnecessary pain. Non-professionals who are interested in developing a serious relationship, would not mention wanting to care for multiple adult babies.

Photos, Videos, & Telephone Conversations

If your potential play partner is refusing to exchange photos or talk via video or telephone, run. This person is not interested in forming a real relationship with you. It's understandable that early on, someone might be a little shy, but there are so many ways for folks to communicate anonymously with one another these days, that there's simply no excuse not to see and/or talk to a potential play partner.

If they are a professional, they should have a website, know people in the community, or be vetted on FetLife (there are ABDL groups that will post reviews on professionals). Do your research. You will be allowing someone access to your most vulnerable side, so please do your due diligence!


Unless they are a professional, DO NOT give anyone with whom you have just met money. Especially if you haven't known them for very long or developed a relationship with them. Grifters know what they're doing. They start out small and they start with something that will try to tug at your heart strings. They will ask you to pay one of their bills or give them money for gas or pay for their internet so that they can communicate with you.

If someone asks you for money, and they have not indicated that they are a professional, run. They are not being honest with you and trust is an important aspect of any roleplay.

Professional Caregivers

If you are looking at a professional Caregiver, they should have very clear rates that you should know ahead of time. It may feel very sterile at first, and may make you a bit uncomfortable, but keep in mind this is actually for your own good. It's a way of setting up boundaries and making sure everyone's on the same page.

Working with a professional is a GREAT way to learn about the community and to feel much more at ease about safety. Professional Caregivers are a lot like teachers, we love what we do and just because we interact with lots of different students, we still form a connection with each and every one of them.

Safety Check

If you are ever contacted by someone claiming that they work for Little Baby Boo Nursery, know that:

  • We do not actively seek out potential clients - we will never write to you, out of the blue, inquiring if you'd like to book with us.

  • We do not request money beyond agreed-upon services. We will never ask for additional money that is not agreed to before your session.

  • All monetary transactions are done 1) through this website, 2) via our Paypal, Venmo, & Zelle accounts (indicated in the Ways to Pay here), 3) through www.Littles.Store, or 4) in cash, at the Nursery.

If you ever have a question about the validity of someone with whom you are speaking, who claims that they work for us, please contact

Please, stay safe, little ones. Listen to your instincts. Be smart. Unfortunately there are many people out there who are trying to prey on our community. If we work together, we can get rid of these predators faster and faster.

If you find someone using our Nursery pictures or someone who is claiming to be from our Nursery, who most likely isn't, TAKE SCREENSHOTS of your interaction and contact us immediately.

Thank you for being awesome, behbehs... we'll get rid of these jerks one stupid-face at a time!!!

Hugs & snuggles,

The Little Baby Boo Nursery Crew

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