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Day 13: Katie-Pie's Korner

What's up fishes?!? Ckatie-Pie here to welcome you to Day 13 of ABDL Summer Camp!!!

Fun Fact: 13 is my lucky number - a lot of fishes think it's bad luck, but nope, not moi

For today's activity we have part 2 of the super summer camp story and your task is to make the Ultimate. Blankey. Fort. If you haven't read part probably should (just sayin)

Grab your blankies, grab your snacks, and when you're done, share a picture of your finished fort using the hashtag #campboostory

Can't make a blankie fort? No problem - you can do a drawing, color a picture, make a fort out of popsicle sticks......whatever your little heart desires.

Looking for a little extra activity?? Take a peek below.....

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