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Grand Re-Opening?

We're Re-Opening Little Baby Boo Nursery

Little Baby Boo Nursery is slated to re-open August 1st for vaccinated littles! However, this is contingent upon how many cases of Crinklz diapers we can sell. As it stands, we've got a little too many in storage, which means that the Nursery is way too cramped to host anyone.

More Savings with Boo Bucks

If you live nearby and are interested in picking up your order, you'll get ADDITIONAL savings!

  1. For every POLYBAG of Crinklz or BetterDry adult diapers, you'll receive a certificate for $5 worth of Boo Bucks (up to $15 for 4).

  2. For every CASE of Crinklz or BetterDry adult diapers, you'll receive a certificate for $15 worth of Boo Bucks (good towards LBBN services or your next TLS purchase).

Boo Bucks
In Boo We Trust

The Boo Bucks may be used towards future purchases at The Littles' Store or for services at Little Baby Boo Nursery!

Because all of the other diaper companies include shipping, we do too. It means that we have to make sure that our price can cover shipping for customers that live all the way over in Maine (we're in California). So, those of you who are nearby, are having to pay for that contingency. We felt like that kinda sucked, so we came up with Boo Bucks as a way to help out.

Can I Mix and Match?

Absolutely!!! Mix & match to your little heart's content. Our goal is to help you feel little and happy, so if there's something we can do for you, we'll try our best to help!

Crinklz is our Favorite 24/7 Diaper

We at the Nursery love all of the different types of ABDL diapers. We have favorites for different types of play. That being said, when it comes to long-term usage, Crinklz is our go-to and preferred adult diaper. It's the only one that I put Zac in when he's padded 24/7.

Why? Because they're soft, they're super absorbent, they're hella cute, no other can beat them on price point, and THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR OF WHY I LOVE CRINKLZ... there's no smell of urine after a little one has wet. On this one fact alone, I give Crinklz FIVE STARS.

Little Bit Biased?

"But Mommy, aren't you a bit biased when it comes to Crinklz?" Yes and no. To be honest, we make more money selling other brands than Crinklz because we got Crinklz at wholesale rates. But the owner of Crinklz is one of my favorite people in this world. Because of it, I know a lot about how they're made and why they're the best brand.

But, I have to reiterate, I loooooove all of the other diaper brands. Like, there're some SERIOUSLY cute diapies out there. And, when we do sessions, we use diapers from all of the different manufacturers.

But I digress...

Okay, I've gone off on a slight tangent. The point of this post is to say,

  1. We'd like to re-open the Nursery (and The Littles' Store [with limited hours])

  2. It's contingent upon selling our huge stock of Crinklz and BetterDry adult diapers

  3. These are kick-ass diapers and it's a GREAT opportunity for you to take advantage of our cramped situation

  4. You can get even MORE savings if you pick-up your order

Help us, help you...

So folks, this is it. This is where you can make a difference in how soon we can start offering Caregiving services and, eventually, Littles' Parties again. If you're not in need of diapies, please let your friends know about this awesome sale we're having.

We're an ABDL-owned and run company. We are just a little store, not a big-box retailer. We need your support so that we can continue to grow and get back to Caregiving!

Have a great day!


Mommy Black

Le video about it all (you have to view it on the YouTubesessess):

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