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Nursery Updates for December!

Mommy Black has just released a new video about what's going on with Little Baby Boo Nursery!!

What's up, behbehs? Mommy Black is here to fill you in on the latest from Little Baby Boo Nursery. She does so from the comfort of her gigantic adult-sized crib. The past year has been a tough one. Wait, who are we kidding? The past few years have been rough. But, Mommy Black has returned to check in with her little baby boos. Onwards and upwards we go!!

Due to some issues with her autoimmune disorders, Mommy Black hasn't been able to reach out to littles who have been contacting her for in-person ABDL sessions. Little Baby Boo Nursery has been on hiatus due to lack of energy and COVID. That being said, Mommy Black plans to begin doing virtual ABDL sessions very soon. The hope is that it'll be between Christmas and New Year. AND, with any luck she'll be offering a few in-person ABDL sessions in the new year. It all depends on her health.

Subscribe to the LBBN newsletter to stay updated on the plans. Mommy Black goes on to, once again, admit that she is TERRIBLE at social media. Because of that, she's going to halt the rest of LBBN's social media and just focus on YouTube. She's discovered the YouTube Membership program. It's similar to the Patreon that LBBN once had, so she's decided to try it.

Introducing the Storytime Membership! It's the starter tier to test the waters. If you join, each month you'll have access to a fun little story that Mommy Black will read to you. What's more, you'll have the opportunity to vote on what she should read for the following month!! Mommy Black is super excited about the opportunity to once again connect with her littles. She feels it's a good match for her low energy levels of late.

Over summer, LBBN was going to run their Littles' Summer Camp that they've been doing since the pandemic surfaced. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Space Camp (this year's theme) had to be postponed. It's now projected to start in February. It's set for then to coincide with the end of CAPCon (the Chicago Age-Play Convention). That way it'll help attendees with con-drop or littles who weren't able to attend CAP.

Mommy Black also recognizes that she owes ya'll some videos. Ha ha ha! She's working on that. ;D She just wants you to know that everything she does for the ABDL community is coming from a place of love.

The new Storytime membership should start on December 24th. She plans to also release another video where she reads a Christmas book on Christmas Eve. She asks folks to join the new Membership option and make sure to subscribe because she plans to investigate some of the fun features that YouTube has, including the Community section. She's excited to learn more about that and to be able to engage with all of her littles.

Check out our YouTube channel and join our new Membership today!

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