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Mama Buttercup

Mama Buttercup LOVES to play! She's like a kitty cat: always moving, bouncing around, and perpetually meowing! She's our Arts & Crafts Mommy and can't wait to color and do fun projects with you.

She loves playing with littles and Bigs and everyone in-between! Careful though, she bites (okay, okay, more like nibbles). Hee hee... :D


A Message from Mama Buttercup

Hi cuties,

I heard some of you love to play as much as I do! That's awesome! I can't wait to show you all of my beads, craft paper, paint, glue... oh my goodness, the things we'll make!


And, don't worry little one, if you get too dirty, I'll plop you in the bath tub and fill it with great big bubbles! You know what my favorite bath time fun is? Making shampoo mohawks, of course! Hee hee hee. Although, I have to say, I do like using the special bath art supplies, like the water crayons...  drawing on the tub walls is the coolest! How many places can you draw on the walls and not get in trouble, huh? And if you haven't ever done bath art, that's okay, I'll show you how... we'll make a baby Picasso of you yet! 😹

You know what else is my favorite? After bath cuddles! They're the best. The Mommies like to get all comfy cozy in soft blankies after bath-time and snuggle together right in front of the TV. We love to watch cartoons like Bluey and My Little Pony. What do you like to watch?

Oh, and then there's snack time!! Yuuuuum! I like making little treats for us all to eat, and juice-filled sippy cups to make sure you're nice and hydrated.

I have so many favorites, it's hard to keep track! I can't wait to share with you how FUN it is at Little Baby Boo!!


🌼 Mama Buttercup 🌼

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Buttercup Message

Mama Buttercup's
Favorite Aspects of Mommying

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Place To Take Littles

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Adult Diaper

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