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Ms Mommy Black

Ms Mommy Black is the disciplinarian of the group. Her main role is Bossy Boss of both the Little Baby Boo Nursery and The Littles' Store; however, every once in a while she will offer sessions as our resident Mommy Domme.

While she loves littles and Bigs of every shape and size, she holds a special place in her heart for Sissy Princesses.


A message from Mommy Black

My most adorable behbehs,


I am so honored and proud to be a part of this community. It's been a remarkable journey. From the very beginning, we've been pleasantly surprised by the people we've met and moved by the stories we've heard.


When Mommy Boo and I first started, we had assumptions, like many do, that the ABDL phenomenon was mainly kink-based. Over the years we've realized that it goes much further than that. Most of the littles we meet are survivors of childhood trauma or are military veterans suffering from PTSD.

Early on, we recognized that Caregiving was a valid form of therapy and that it was desperately needed. It saddened us that so many littles held shame and self-loathing for a healthy form of relaxation and self-care. We made it our mission to help as many folks as we could and to try to educate both the community, and the general public, about who ABDLs really are.

Of course, finding the non-sexual component led each of us to discover a whole new level of caregiving. We were blown away, for lack of better words, at the intense feelings we began to have for the littles with whom we interacted. It was not until the pandemic began, and we were no longer surrounded by the constant physical love and support that littles provided, that we truly recognized just how much we got out of this Mommying experience. Each of us felt a very real, very emotional ache to have that connection again.

That's why I'm so glad that we'll be starting up in-person sessions soon. I miss my sweet behbehs and can't wait to give cuddles (and sometimes spanks ;D) once again!


Mommy Black

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