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Ms Mommy Black

Ms Mommy Black is the disciplinarian of the group. Her main role is Bossy Boss of both the Little Baby Boo Nursery and The Littles' Store; however, every once in a while she will offer sessions as our resident Mommy Domme.

While she loves littles and Bigs of every shape and size, she holds a special place in her heart for Sissy Princesses.


A message from Mommy Black

My most adorable behbehs,


I am so honored and proud to be a part of this community. It's been a remarkable journey. From the very beginning, we've been pleasantly surprised by the people we've met and moved by the stories we've heard.


When Mommy Boo and I first started, we had assumptions, like many do, that the ABDL phenomenon was mainly kink-based. Over the years we've realized that it goes much further than that. Most of the littles we meet are survivors of childhood trauma or are military veterans suffering from PTSD.

Early on, we recognized that Caregiving was a valid form of therapy and that it was desperately needed. It saddened us that so many littles held shame and self-loathing for a healthy form of relaxation and self-care. We made it our mission to help as many folks as we could and to try to educate both the community, and the general public, about who ABDLs really are.

Of course, finding the non-sexual component led each of us to discover a whole new level of caregiving. We were blown away, for lack of better words, at the intense feelings we began to have for the littles with whom we interacted. It was not until the pandemic began, and we were no longer surrounded by the constant physical love and support that littles provided, that we truly recognized just how much we got out of this Mommying experience. Each of us felt a very real, very emotional ache to have that connection again.

That's why I'm so glad that we'll be starting up in-person sessions soon. I miss my sweet behbehs and can't wait to give cuddles (and sometimes spanks ;D) once again!


Mommy Black

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Place to Take Littles


Form of Discipline

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Adult Diaper

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Little's Craft

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Bedtime Story

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Virtual Ms Mommy Black

Ms Mommy Black is a little different during Virtual Sessions than you might think. With her background in Psychology, she prefers to talk in Adultspace and likes to get into the nuts and bolts of what's going on with her littles.

Mommy Black is very open to discussing issues facing parents of teen ABDLs and adult partners of littles.

She typically offers sessions around holidays.

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Virtual Black

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Mommy Black loves Batty Bats


Mommy Black loves Natal Dahlias


Mommy Black loves It's-Its


Mommy Black loves Gothic Rock

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Mommy Black reads Rich Dad Poor Dad


Mommy Black needs an IV hooked to Pibb Zero


Mommy Black loves Toblerone


Black Favorites

You are beautiful, you are powerful, you are deserving of love.

-Ms Mommy Black

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Trigger Warning

Real Black
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The Real Black

From profiling violent offenders to supporting their survivors.

Mommy Black’s background is in academia. At a very young age, she recognized that, while she had an interest in psychology and human behavior, she had very little patience for friends’ patterns of poor choices (see “Evolve or die” later). Her fascination with sexual predators began around 12-years-old, when she read The Minds of Billy Milligan; after which, she read all of the books on serial killers, their victims, and their psychology that she could get her tiny little hands on. As a teen, she gravitated toward the odd and macabre and spent most of her time with the AP Goth kids (super smart weirdies). Incidentally, her dark background is what led her to choose the name Mommy Black (← the best color [or absence of color] evaar)!

At 16, Mommy Black graduated from High School and while attending college, she volunteered at The Alliance Against Family Violence as a sexual assault crisis counselor. During college, she studied in England for a year, Mexico for a summer, and graduated with a BA in Psychology from UC San Diego. Her favorite class, and one that had the most lasting impression, was a behavioral neuroscience course. She learned the limitations of human perception and the concept that two people experiencing the same event can have two very different memories of what occurred (our brains are nutty).


While others in her classes prepared for future study as clinicians, Mommy Black knew that she was more interested in pursuing research. She wanted to know the causes and mechanics behind predatory behavior - nature vs nurture - and why the switch to commit crimes flipped-on for some and not for others. At the time, the only higher learning institution in the United States that offered advanced training in Criminal Profiling was John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC; so, off she went to the Big Apple.


While earning her MA in Forensic Psychology, she met lots of great (and twisted people). She quickly discovered effective ways of coping with extremely disturbing subjects (hello, darkest sense of humor on Earth). After graduating, she began working on a research project for the Office of Chief Medical Examiner for the City of New York.

In 2001, Mommy Black received a graduate fellowship for the PhD program in Criminology. She moved to Albany to further her understanding of research design and criminalistics, while she continued her work remotely with the OCME. However, on 9/11 everything changed. Everything.

Part two coming soon...

Evolve or die

How I see the world. More coming soon...

Why I do this

It's very exciting, behbehs... you won't want to miss it! Well, you might. It really depends on your plans. Like... if you had tickets to see a really cool band, then you might want to see them first and then come here, you know?

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