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May Storytime Poll

Image for May's Storytime poll. Which book should we read? Chicks and Salsa, Seagull Sid, or Tiny T. Rex?
May's Storytime Poll

Hola behbehs!! Storytime members, it's time to vote on our book for May!!

Will it be:

Seagull Sid and the Naughty Things His Seagulls Did by Dawn McMillan (paid link)*

Chicks and Salsa by Aaron Reynolds (paid link)*

If you're not a Storytime Member, you can join at any time! You have access to all of our "Mommy Reads" and you'll be supporting the Nursery. 🥰

*We got an Amazon Assoc account (yippee!!), so as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. That means that if you click on the links to purchase the books to read along, LBBN will get a tiny percentage commission. Pretty cool, right?

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