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Mommy Boo is Taking over Social Media

You may have noticed Mommy Boo has been responding to littles on our social media recently. It's true! It's really her!

Because she wants to interact more with littles and the community, she's taking a leap and trying something completely out of her comfort zone... social. media. (eek!) As many of you may know, Mommy Boo is technologically challenged. While she's phenomenal with people, she has a love/not-so-love relationship with computers and the interwebs.

That being said, Mommy Boo is always looking for ways to grow and improve, and engaging on social media has been one of the goals that's been on her mind for some time. She's now ready to take a leap faith in herself and try to conquer the social media beast!

Is she scared? Yes! She's afraid that she'll hit the wrong button, respond incorrectly, or blow up the entire internet! But, she's still moving forward and she's going to do her best. We all applaud her and are SO PROUD of her overcoming her fear and persevering.

For now, Mrs. Brickelbottom will still be responding to our inbox, but Mommy Boo will be the one who is interacting in the comment section (baby steps).

Do you think YOU could be like Boo and try something new?

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