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Painting Pizza Pajama Party!

Everything is better in your jammies!


For this month's meetup, we'll be having a PAJAMA PARTY! Yeaaah!! Join us on Sunday, February 20th from 5-7pm (PST). We'll be wearing our pajamas, so feel free to wear yours!

All jammies are cool to wear, just make sure that diapies are fully covered. Also, if your stuffies have pjs, have them wear theirs too!


We'll be painting little ceramic figurines that we picked up from the Dollar Store. If you can't find a figurine, use a rock. And if you don't have a rock, heck, grab some paper and color! Crayons are like waxy paints, right?


Alright, we know it's virtual, but we'll be having pizza! Ha ha ha! You can join us by having your own! Or, download this coloring page and show us one that you create using your imagination (marshmallow and hotdog pizza? Hee hee hee).

Pizza Coloring Page

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This is a Patreon exclusive event, so make sure that your membership is up-to-date! Learn more about Patreon & Discord here. Join Patreon here.

We'll see you there, little ones!!

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