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Guide to ABDL Conventions: The Packing List

I’ve created a handy dandy Packing Checklist that can be downloaded here! I’ve included everything that our little group could think of that you might need: from paramount things like your ID and insurance cart to comfort items that you might want to bring to feel safe.

Most of the items on the list are pretty standard, but in the video below, I go over a few key components that I think are super important:

  • Bring enough cash in case your cards fail.

  • Bring your cute outfits! This is the time to show off! 99.9% of folks there will be dressed in littles’ attire, so come prepared.

  • Remember to bring LAYERS. While it’s freezing outside, inside will be nice and toasty.

  • Pack room slippers or socks. Hotel floors are dirty!

  • Pack enough diapering supplies.

    • Consider pre-ordering diapers instead of bringing a bunch in case you are space constrained.

    • If you’re flying, you may want to put your powder in your check-in luggage. I know that the TSA limits how much powder you can have in your carry-on bag.

    • At the end of the video I give you some advice on flying while padded.

    • Bring disposable changing pads (an economical choice are doggy pee pads).

      • They’re easy to put down under your sheet as a mattress protector.

      • They’re a hygienic way to protect yourself and others while being changed in the more public changing areas.

    • Bring individual diaper disposal bags (doggy waste bags).


    • Stuffie - may not want to bring your favorite

    • Floor blanket - THE FLOOR IS LAVA

    • Calming sachet

    • Journal or drawing book - this will come in handy for Con Drop

    • Small notepad and a pen

      • This is for contact info of people you meet or any notes you need to take (or drawings you wanna make)

    • A small backpack with water, snacks, and hand sanitizer

      • They will be handing out big bags, but yours will look like everyone else’s

  • Toiletries

    • Deodorant

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Face masks

    • COVID test kits

  • Bring some snacks, but be sure to order stuff when you get there.

  • A lot of folks will be putting pins on their lanyards. Be sure to bring some!

  • If you can, bring stuff to share!

    • A lot of folks, including us, will be bringing buttons, bracelets, stickers, and other trinkets to give away. It’s not mandatory, by any means, but if you can, bring stuff to share or trade.

  • Leave extra room in your suitcase for your purchases.

Hopefully this list helps to prepare you for your next convention. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, because Part 2 of the Convention series will be about How to Make the Most Out of an ABDL Convention! Yay!


Some people have suggested items to add, so this is where I'll leave the updates.

For folks who need a little assistance (or comfort) during travel, like me, don't forget:

  • cane

  • sciatica pillow

  • neck pillow

PewPewKev suggested:

  • start taking immune booster supplements and keep taking them during any large event

PewPewKev, DommyMommyK, incognitoesq suggested:

  • Electrolyte mix-ins like liquid IV ( or DripDrop (

-curious– suggested:

  • Umbrella

Dartplayerinwvc shared their list:

  • Boxes - Scentsy Warmers for giveaways

  • White duct tape - Lowes

  • Tape Gun – clear tape

  • Clear tape

  • Utility Knife/blades

  • Scissors

  • Razor knife

  • Magnifying glass

  • Darts & tips

  • Camera

  • Batteries and CHARGER

  • Phone Chargers

  • phone batteries

  • MiFi packet

  • Power strips

  • Coffee maker/filters/creamer

  • Spare coffee pot?

  • Coffee

  • Tea bags

  • hangers

  • Memory cards

  • Silverware

  • Alarm clock

  • Lawn chairs

  • Coke / soda / water/ beer

  • Bourbon - 5 flavors, 4 proofs

  • Coffee cup

  • Tumbler(s) with straw(s)

  • Cooler(s)

  • Ibuprofen / Tylenol / daily meds

  • Laptop

  • Laptop batteries / cords

  • Gray shorts

  • Denim shorts

  • Tv tables (2)

  • Vape mods

  • Vape juices

  • Vape batteries

  • Vape tanks / coils / tips

  • Windex / Windex wipes

  • Grocery / garbage bags

  • Bath wipes

  • Chair/bed pads

  • Incense / air freshener / scents - for giveaways over 400.00 worth

  • Shower curtain

  • Battery packs

  • Diaper/pull ups bags

  • Sticky notes

  • Stapler

  • Autograph markers / pens

  • Spare eyeglasses

  • Deodorants / cologne Jovan Musk

  • hair brush

  • Germany 6-tape diapers

  • Changing One Diaper at a time - Whiskey decanter / glasses

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