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The Little Baby Boo Nursery Virtual Playroom!

Happy Monday, behbehs!!!!! Thank you SO much for sticking with us as we figure out the best way to transfer from in-person interactions to the virtual world. As we come off of our Back-to-School project, held exclusively on Patreon, we're assessing what we liked and didn't like about the platform and feedback.

What We Liked

We liked that we were able to know more about who we were interacting with. We got to do some more personal livestreaming, which was super fun!!

Patreon also adds another layer of security because in order to join us, folks have to subscribe to the service. So, odds are, we won't get any trolls or non-littles joining our group.

What We Didn't Like

What we didn't like was that we couldn't share all that we were doing with the community as a hole. That kinda sucked. We genuinely like interacting with littles and Patreon is more of a service that focuses on a Performer/Fan type of relationship.

The Solution

We're taking a page out of our resident little's (ZaciRoo's) playbook and have started a closed-group "virtual playroom."

Instead of trying to figure out a zillion different membership tiers on Patreon, we're going to just offer one low-priced ($5), community support tier that will allow access to the Telegram group, get early releases to all of the videos & info that we're doing, and, most importantly, be our beta testers (AKA guinea behbehs) for new products or schemes, I mean, ideas we have cooking.

We also like the idea of including a monthly virtual meetup for members, so we can actually get to know one another (instead of just interacting with random made-up names on the interwebs).

So, if you're interested, please join today! We want to get to know you and we truly feel that together we can make a difference in our community!!

We'll see you soon!

-Ms Mommy Black

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